AMA with Habr. 10. Last * Issue

    * Of course, the joke is the last in June. But if you want to ask us a question, then do not delay!

    Hello, Habr! Well, here is the first "anniversary" issue of a series of questions and answers to Habr. We publish it every last Friday of the month, which means that for 10 months now you have been asking us questions, and we are trying to answer them. 

    In general, summer is considered a “low” business season, many companies are engaged in internal affairs on a “light vacation”. But this is not about Habr! You read us 24/7/365 and we have no chance of a break. Therefore, we are waiting for proposals, make changes and work for you. Suggest - we hear you. Traditionally - the list of changes on Habr for a month. Have made:

    • Companies can indicate their representative in the "Description" section - his name will be displayed on the right side of the blog. You can contact this person for any question: be it a general question from a regular Habr user or a request to "become an author" in the company’s blog from an employee user.

      For example, on the TM blog, I am a representative and you can contact me for any questions.
    • In the search you can now search for translations by the author of the original: just type in the desired name in the search and the translation will contain translations of articles by this author. Later we’ll do it so that you can look for a link to the original - suddenly someone already translated it. An example .

      Here is the TOP 10 authors whose articles are translated here (in parentheses are the number of published translations where this author is listed):

      ⬝ Ethan Siegel (315)
      ⬝ Matt Strassler (70)
      ⬝ Panda Security (70)
      ⬝ Paul Graham (60 )
      ⬝ Nikolai Zeldovich, James Mickens (54)
      ⬝ Karen Webster (49)
      ⬝ Raymond Chen (32)
      ⬝ Richard Hamming (30)
      ⬝ Kevin Hartnett (29)
      ⬝ Bob Ziroll (28)
    • We made beautiful pictures for sharing posts on social networks. Now, if the publication does not have a picture before the kat (and / or inside), then such beauty is automatically generated:

      By the way, subscribe: Vkontakte / Twitter / Facebook / Telegram ( eng ) / Zen
    • Displayed in the user profile the number of subscriptions and a link to the list of subscriptions.

    Various bugs fixed.

    What's in the process now (from something that might be of interest to you):

    • Moderation of comments in the mobile version (already testing).
    • Dialogs in the mobile version
    • PWA Mobile Version
    • The process of removing an employee from the company
    • Parser texts and improved indentation in publications

    No less traditional - a list of employees to whom you can ask questions. If you look at the previous post, you'll see changes in our team: 

    baragol - chief editor
    boomburum - head of the department for combating work with users
    buxley - CTO
    daleraliyorov - manager "Habra"
    illo - art director
    nomad_77 - chief of "Toaster" and "freelance »
    Pas - system administrator
    soboleva - the main one for working with clients Have a

    good weekend! Do not forget to pay for the Internet.

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