Digital events in Moscow from June 24 to 30

    A selection of events for the week.


    First sales abroad: hacks, cases and mistakes of the founders

    • June 25 (Tuesday)
    • Butcher 13st18
    • Is free
    • On June 25, we’ll talk about how an IT startup to launch its first sales on the international market with minimal losses and attract investment abroad. 

    Summer discussion about serious B2B marketing

    • June 25 (Tuesday)
    • Zemlyanoy Val 8
    • 700 p.
    • What unites speakers of Yandex, Completo, Media Instinct, GetResponse and Alytics, except for the digital world?
      They cope with the pain points of marketing in B2B for one or two!
      If you are faced with the burden of controversial digital theory, are waiting for practice and concrete solutions, rather than for the next dry facts,
      then come to the panel discussion on June 25!
      GetB2B business dinner will be held in this format so that you can weigh the pros and cons of various digital tools for the B2B market, declassify the specifics of analytics, get answers to your questions and leave with an understanding of what to do with it.
      Moderator: Oleg Basha, CEO of GetResponse Russia.
      What else will be at the event:
      1. Chips and a master class on email marketing automation based on the example of the business of one of the participants
      2. Networking and light buffet
      3. Gifts from partners and champagne :) We
        guarantee a warm atmosphere, useful content and excellent company.

    ProductTank Summer Open Space

    • June 26 (Wednesday)
    • Warsaw w 9str1
    • Is free
    • It's time to relax and talk with colleagues about new trends in the product management market!
      For those who could not go to Novosibirsk to the camp, it will be especially useful.

    Frontend panda meetup

    • June 26 (Wednesday)
    • Kutuzovsky Prospect 32korp1
    • is free
    • Mitap is dedicated to the features of Frontend development.
      Presentations will be made by experts from major companies. They will share experience from real projects. The program contains only technical reports from developers and team leaders of frontend teams.

    Vladimir Pozner in the bookstore Moscow!

    • June 26 (Wednesday)
    • Tverskaya 8
    • is free
    • June 26 at 19:00 in the bookstore "Moscow" will be a presentation of the book by Vladimir Pozner "German Notebook. Subjective look. "

    Panda Meetup # 20 Back-end (Node.js)

    • June 27 (Thursday)
    • Stoleshnikov lane 6st3
    • is free
    • Mitap is devoted to features of development on Node.js.
      Presentations will be made by experts from major companies. They will share experience from real projects. The program reports from developers and team leaders.

    SmartMail Meetup: Frontend

    • June 27 (Thursday)
    • Leningradsky Prospect 39st79
    • is free
    • The mitap program includes technical reports of the frontend-development team of the Mail. Let’s discuss how front-end vendors live and how it feels to work with highly loaded services.

    Rayr Simonyan

    • June 28 (Friday)
    • New square 6
    • 13 500 p.
    • At the BellClub meeting on June 28, we will discuss with The Bell’s editor-in-chief Irina Malkova whether Morgan Stanley’s departure from Russia can be considered symptomatic and why, investors have a short memory and under what conditions they will return to Russia, how they relate to Russian capital in the West and whether to store it there. These and many other questions you can ask our guest personally.

    Mobile Talks Android

    • June 28 (Friday)
    • Bol Polyanka 2 / 10str1
    • is free
    • The mitap program will include as many as 4 reports from speakers from Alfa Bank, in which we will cover several hardcore topics, a quiz with prizes, a lot of informal communication and an open-air burger party!

    Hackathon "HANABI HACK"

    • June 29 (Saturday) - June 30 (Sunday)
    • Cosmonaut Volkov 6A
    • is free
    • The Grooves company, which manages the employment assistance platform, and SAMI, which unites Russian and Japanese IT companies, hold the HANABI HACK hackathon in Moscow for two days - from June 29, 2019 to June 30, 2019 with the aim of mutual development of the Russian- Japanese business, technology and human resources. This is the first hackathon in Russia organized by Japanese companies. Design Conf × Dribbble Meetup 2019

    • June 29 (Saturday)
    • Leningradsky pr 39st79
    • is free
    • The conference will be held in Moscow for the eighth time. We try to include only practical stories in the program: how to create effective modern digital products, design tools and illustrations.

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