The official site Node.js is now in Russian


    In hot pursuit of the finally accepted pull request , I hasten to announce that the official Node.js website is now available in Russian .


    A couple of months ago, I opened the site , where from the English version I was redirected to the Ukrainian . I was born and live in Ukraine, therefore, I did not see any unreadable characters on the screen, but I became interested in the question:

    How did the site decide to offer me this particular translation option? The language of the system and browser I usually put is English or Russian, and it is very interesting why instead of them I got exactly the Ukrainian version.

    Quickly digging into the source code on GitHub , I could not find any bindings to the time zone or location, so I returned to the site. Searches for the language selection menu were unsuccessful, so I decided to do what every self-respecting web developer would do and change the path from to . But as a result, I got only 404-page, which was surprised. Having checked the correct spelling of the path, and also, just in case, by testing , I got the same result. I went to GitHub again, but now, to find the right path for the Russian version of the site.

    And here is what I found:

    1. The folder with Russian translations is simply missing from / locale
    2. The Russian-speaking community has been inactive for more than three years and is marked as obsolete

    Actually, it was at this point in time that I decided that I could help with the translation.


    There is nothing to say about the translation process itself - you take it, but you do it. The repository has instructions and recommendations on this topic. Difficulties arose where they were not expected - at the very end.

    Having finished the transfer, I created a pull request directly to the main repository, which is against the rules, but I didn’t have another option, due to the lack of an established process and the Russian community as a whole.

    The translation was uploaded to master after almost a month, because for a very long time they were looking for someone who can verify the Russian translation.


    Talking about life, I thought about the appropriateness of such translations, because, whatever you say, in the IT world without English, nowhere and it is he who is the main one. There are also problems with the relevance of translations and their obsolescence.

    For these reasons, it can be said that I did a meaningless job ... maybe, but still there are pluses in this kind of activity. I recall myself at the beginning, when the documentation in English frightened off and reduced the motivation to do something further. Translations of English-language articles on Habré quite a content that has its own viewer.

    I do not know the correct answer, is this work valuable or not, I just translated because I can .

    Next steps

    This version of the translation, of course, is imperfect and of course needs corrections and improvements. I plan to work on this further and invite you to participate. Since creating pull requests to the main repository contradicts nodejs collaboration recommendations, making changes to the translation is currently problematic. I already created an issue regarding the fate of the Russian-speaking community nodejs, which will determine the process of making changes.

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