New Windows Terminal Now Available on Microsoft Store

    The new Windows Terminal, which Microsoft announced at MS Build 2019 , is already available for download in the store, according to an official blog. For those interested, the project repository on GitHub .

    Terminal is a new Windows application for centralized access to PowerShell, Cmd and Linux kernel subsystems in Windows Subsystem Linux packaging. The latter became available for building Windows Insider build 18917 on June 20.

    In order to use the new Terminal, two conditions must be met: install Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher and find the Microsoft Store button. Of course, you can always compile Terminal from the sorts posted on GitHub, but the developers warn that in this case, the “manually assembled version will work in parallel with the version from the store.” Apparently, it is understood that the store will not pick up a manually assembled terminal and will not be updated on its own.

    One of the main features of Terminal, which is actively "sold" in the company's blog, is a considerable number of profiles.

    Each of the profiles can be configured separately by editing the corresponding JSON file.

    Microsoft also offers each user to choose which hotkeys and combinations to use, and customize them to their taste.

    The customization cherry was the ability to change the background-image of each profile through the banal pull-up of the image from the hard drive. So there is no limit to imagination.

    Now let's get a little more serious

    Why is there no technical detail in the Microsoft blog post? Why is the emphasis on customization, hotkeys and other cosmetics?

    First, everyone has already said about Terminal at Build 2019 and there is nothing special to add. Now the company is trying to show that the new application is a friendly and convenient product that goes hand in hand with the new WSL. In fact, Microsoft just rolled out what they promised us in May and there’s nothing special to add.

    The second - some time will pass before the release of version 1.0. Judging by the text of the Microsoft blog, Terminal will not exit the active sawing stage before winter, that is, it will appear on stable versions of Windows in the store only six months later.

    At the same time, company representatives are actively agitating the community to provide feedback on a new product. So, Microsoft will be very grateful for the comments and suggestions on Terminal in its own repository on Github and, let's say, the community responded to this cry. We think that over the next week there will be a lot of comments in “issues”.

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