The results of HolyJS 2019 Piter

    At the end of May, the seventh HolyJS was held - in our subjective opinion, the best of all. And now, when the entire feedback has already been collected and analyzed, we can summarize. Here is the past conference in numbers:

    • 900+ people, 2 days of presentations, 3 streams
    • 30 reports, 2 workshops
    • 36 speakers
    • 3 mc
    • 10 lightning talks
    • 3 BoF sessions
    • TCXX Contest sponsored by Daniel Ehrenberg (ex-TC39 Chair)
    • Premiere of a documentary about Ember.js
    • Satellite event Node.js Code + Learn (the first of its kind in the history of the CIS)

    And under the cut - more on all this.

    For the second time in a row at HolyJS, it happened sold out, and this time a month before the conference. Frankly, we ourselves did not expect this. On the one hand, of course, this is success: the conference is interesting to more people than we expected. But on the other hand, one of those who wanted to attend the conference could not be there, but some could be cramped.

    We want to apologize to those who were uncomfortable, and to inform: for the future we took this into account. The next HolyJS will be held in the fall at the WTC Moscow congress center, which easily accommodates more than 1000 people. And in St. Petersburg we will hold HolyJS at the Expoforum, where, if necessary, at least 10,000 will fit.


    Ryan Dahl

    As usual, there were two days and three streams of reports. Now we already know what reports the viewers considered interesting - let's take a look at some of them:

    • He opened the conference with Ryan Dahl (for the youngest readers, recall that this is the creator of Node.js), who spoke about his new Deno project . On the first day, we broadcast reports from the first room to YouTube, so it became immediately available to the whole world on video - and instead of reading descriptions, you can just watch for yourself.
    • Almost everyone uses Chrome DevTools, and who could tell better about them than one of their authors, Aleksey Kozyatinsky ? This time Alexey told us how to do space things very simply using the most sophisticated protocol Chrome DevTools (and this also got into the open broadcast).
    • In addition to the tools (new and generally accepted), do not forget about the fundamental things, sometimes not very often considered in the frontend. And in such a difficult question, we were helped by the wonderful Marina Mironovich with a very interesting report “Algorithms on graphs”. In the open broadcast this was not, but especially for the readers of this post we give a link to the recording .
    • This time we had a lot of experiments, including those related to reports. Two examples of such experimental presentations:

      Wonderful Ilya Klimov told us about “Tube CI / CD: how and where to start”, here we will also share the video .

      And for the first time in HolyJS history, a person who became the owner of the title Java Champion spoke at it. Oleg Shelaev presented a report about GraalVM, showing us how to call Java from JS, as well as R, Python and Ruby in one runtime. ( video ).

      Judging by audience estimates, reports that are not directly related to JS turned out to be successful. We will continue to experiment and are waiting for suggestions in the comments.
    • In addition to topics directly related to development, they also raised the topic of promoting open-source projects, which is important for the front-end community. This was told by Andrei Sitnik (who should talk about something like the author of several successful projects at once), and his performance can also be seen .

      Andrey Sitnik
    • And there were many other reports, videos of which will be available later.

    We traditionally prepare “emergency” reports in case of emergency replacement, and this time there were also two such speakers who did not speak: Roman Kolesnikov and Farzad YousefZadeh (thanks to both of them for their readiness to insure the conference). But the preparation efforts were not in vain; you can still see the report from Farzad “Statecharts driven UI development” in Moscow at HolyJS in the fall.


    Perhaps they became the most difficult experiment on this HolyJS: preparing a workshop took 5-10 times more time than a report. There were two workshops (one each day), they lasted for 2-3 hours and went in parallel with the program. And in this text we are the first to publish links to their videos.

    On the first day, Stanislav Kurilov talked about how to remove extra code from CSS Modules runtime using webpack - you can see it .

    And on the second day, Pavel Malyshev held the Svelte Cookbook - a master class on Svelte. He began with a greeting from Rich Harris : specially for visitors to the workshop, Rich recorded a short video . But the video The workshop itself cannot be called “small”: it lasts almost three hours.


    Three MCs and Martin Splitt

    In addition to the main content part, this time we worked with the presentation form. Again, as an experiment, we had three wonderful MSs: Vitaly Fridman , Maxim Salnikov and Eugene Kot . You can see, for example, how the beginning of the first day looked (before the performance of Ryan Dahl). Many thanks to the guys for the mood and interesting QA-sessions .


    Конкурс TCXX на лучший proposal в стандарт JS стал уже традиционным. Но и в нём было кое-что новое: для помощи в выборе победителя к нам присоединились бывший председатель TC39 Daniel Ehrenberg, Михаил Полубояринов, Алексей Козятинский, а также Сергей Рубанов, через неделю после конференции поехавший на июньскую встречу комитета TC39 в Берлин. Кстати, на этой встрече было утверждено много всего интересного. Пока основные результаты не опубликовали, можно посмотреть ряд телеграм-постов:


    And the winner of TCXX this time was the proposal String capitalize method from Elena Pravdina . Now, colleagues are helping to find a champion (a colleague who can make this missed in TC39 according to their rules ).

    At the end of the first day there was a party. Traditional BoF sessions were already held: this time it was possible to discuss the current state of affairs at Node.js (with the contributors of this project and with Ryan Dahl), a11y and the communication culture in international multicultural projects.

    Thanks to Alexei Kanunnikov and our wonderful colleagues from HoneyPot , in the first room, you could watch the premiere of a documentary dubbed into Russian about Ember.js. Only popcorn was all that was needed for complete happiness.

    And also at the party you could listen to 10 lightning talks - mini-reports from conference visitors.

    Code + Learn

    I would also like to note that the day after the conference, a steep satellite event was held . Node.js Code + Learn - an event where Node.js contributors help make your (albeit very small, but your first) commit to Node.js. In addition to some conference speakers, Nikita Skovoroda helped him . And the main role in organizing the event was played by our wonderful friends from PiterJS .

    This is the first such event in the CIS, and we assume that it is not the last.


    We had two broadcasts: one - open to the whole world, with the first reports of the first hall, the other - paid with access to all reports of both days. (By the way, the next Moscow HolyJS will be similar, and the sale of online tickets is already open .)

    And in both broadcasts, we filled the breaks between the reports through interviews with speakers and sponsors. And now we are sharing with you videos of these interviews for both days.

    We especially recommend watching two interviews in conjunction: first with Alex Castillo , then with Marina Mironovich .

    HolyJS 2019 Moscow

    That's the size of our expectation for the next meeting.

    We have been preparing the Moscow HolyJS for three months, which will be held on November 8-9 . We will publish the first batch of reports on the site later. But now you can buy tickets , and later they will gradually go up in price. And we are in full swing accepting applications for reports - if you yourself want to speak, now is the right moment to let us know!

    And finally - a special thanks to several other people: Ekaterina Pavlenko , Vadim Gorbachev , Kirill Cherkashin and Mikhail Poluboyarinov .

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