Three videos for iOS writers

    Hello, Habr!
    We had an iOS mitap and I brought you three videos from colleagues from Yandex.Money, Yandex and

    The first is how to work with asynchronous code from different programming languages.
    The second is about bugs when working with the system keyboard on iOS and their correction.
    The third is about how iOS development in Yandex works.

    Some different ways to concurrent

    Alexander Zalutsky, Yandex.Money

    I’ll tell you how to work with asynchronous code from different programming languages ​​and apply these skills in iOS development. I will explain what MVar, STM, Chan, coroutines and actor model are.

    Bugs when working with the system keyboard

    Konstantin Mordan,

    If in the application the functions are tied to the keyboard, it is not always enough to subscribe to UIKeyboard notifications and process them. You can make mistakes in the calculations, forget about the Slide Over mode on the iPad, or get invalid keyboard coordinates from the system. Then everything goes wrong. I will tell you what mistakes are made when working with the keyboard, how to quickly find such problems by collecting logs, sending statistics, displaying graphs on the Dashboard and implementing watchdog.

    How is iOS development in Yandex arranged?

    Dmitry Galimzyanov, Yandex

    My story is about organizing iOS development and testing in Yandex. I will show how we plan development and manage teams in different cities, how we write code, tighten dependencies from neighboring products, establish contacts with testing and release everything that we created. The story is based on personal experience. You will gain new knowledge and be able to integrate it into your processes.

    It was a mitap report for iOS developers from Yandex.Money. If you have questions for the speakers, ask in the comments, and we will pass them on and answer. Or they will come here themselves.

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