Seminar “Vulnerability Management: Standards, Reality, Tools”, July 4, Moscow


    On July 4th we will have a small Vulnerability Management Day .

    Let's talk about what standards and best practice exist and how it all falls (or not;)) on real life.

    We invited experts on various products and, accordingly, with our approach to managing vulnerabilities. There will be a separate presentation about open-source tools.
    We will not analyze any narrow vulnerabilities, we will talk generally about vulnerability management.

    We promise a lot of useful reports on the case, live communication with experts and a delicious buffet for a snack. Come!

    Registration for the seminar and online broadcast by the link .

    Date and time: July 4, 10:30 a.m.
    A place: Moscow, Spartak lane 2s1, entrance number 7, Space Spring

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