Digital events in Moscow from June 17 to 23

    Weekly selection


    Augmented intelligence and everyday life of the future. Lecture

    • June 17 (Monday)
    • Bersenevskaya nab 14str5A
    • is free
    • Space10 projects involve architects, developers, scientists, and even food designers from around the world. The creative director of the design studio, Bas van de Poole, will talk in more detail about the laboratory’s working methods and explain what the world will be like when the entire infrastructure becomes digital, what opportunities artificial intelligence that can feel, and how laboratory employees work on speculative concepts.

    Team leader meetup

    • June 17 (Monday)
    • Tolstoy, d.16
    • is free
    • The format of the event involves several small presentations, discussion and panel discussion, as well as informal communication with experts and other participants.

    Alytics Business Breakfast

    • June 18 (Tuesday)
    • Smart Place Inbox, Myasnitskaya 24/7
    • is free
    • On June 18, a free business breakfast will be held in Moscow: “End-to-end analytics for a marketer and an entrepreneur”.
      You will learn how to correctly build end-to-end analytics and how to use it to increase sales and reduce advertising costs.
      Speakers: Alexander Egorov - Managing Partner of the end-to-end analytics system Alytics, speaker of top conferences, practitioner with experience in Internet marketing for more than 12 years.
      Ilya Makarov is Alytics CEO, Sales and CRM Expert.
      Date and place: June 18, 10:30, Smart Place Inbox, metro Chistye Prudy.

    AWS Dev Day Moscow

    • June 18 (Tuesday)
    • Spartak lane 2str1 pod7
    • is free
    • AWS DevDay is a free one-day technical event where novice developers will learn about some of the hottest topics in the cloud, and experienced developers will be able to dive deep into the new AWS services.
      One day of the conference will host 2 streams covering a wide range of topics, such as Modern App Development, Machine Learning and Backends & Architecture.

    End-to-end analytics for a marketer and entrepreneur

    • June 18 (Tuesday)
    • Myasnitskaya 24 / 7st3
    • is free
    • On Tuesday, June 18th, we, together with the Alytics team, will hold a free business breakfast dedicated to end-to-end analytics. By visiting our business breakfast you will learn how to correctly build end-to-end analytics and how to use it to increase sales and reduce advertising costs.

    Social Media Moscow

    • June 19 (Wednesday)
    • NovArbat 24
    • from 5 500 r.
    • 12 speakersTOP brand managers, bloggers and celebrities. 8 hours of content Concentration of insights in a 30-minute performance in the style of One-man Show.

    Technology trust. Trust tech

    • June 19 (Wednesday)
    • Butcher 13st18
    • is free
    • Why is the demand for data so great? The rapid development of the Internet requires completely new technologies to achieve trust between the customer and the client, between business partners, between individuals in sharing economy services. Instead of the usual long-term contracts, personally discussed for a long time and signed on paper, quick deals of people who never see each other in their lives, instead of shelves with price tags in stores - posts in closed groups on social networks, instead of a work book - an announcement on YouDo


    • June 21 (Friday) - June 22 (Saturday)
    • Kutuzovsky pr 88
    • from 9 900 p.
    • DevConf is an annual professional conference dedicated to leading programming and web development technologies. Participants are given a unique opportunity to gain access to all leading web development technologies at once.

    @Kubernetes Meetup # 3

    • June 21 (Friday)
    • Leningradsky pr 39st79
    • is free
    • On June 21, we call everyone interested in K8S to our third @Kubernetes Meetup. Long time no see after Kubernetes - time to discuss the day and talk.
      In the program: Gazprombank will tell you how Kubernetes helps its R&D manage OpenStack, we from Cloud Solutions talk about the possibilities of scalers in K8S and how Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler did their implementation, and Wunderman Thompson agency how Kubernetes helps them optimize their development approach and why DevOps are more Dev than Ops.

    Hackathon PhotoHack

    • June 22 (Saturday) - June 23 (Sunday)
    • Mira 119str461
    • is free
    • PhotoHack is a team hackathon from Photo Lab and Amazon Web Services to create a solution for creative photo processing.
      The prize fund is 500,000 rubles!

    PyDaCon meetup at Group

    • June 22 (Saturday)
    • Leningradsky pr 39st79
    • is free
    • Two sections await you: reports on the Python- and PyData-track. The composition of the experts was formed on the basis of a general list of reports to PyCon Russia. The program of the event: a round table, technical reports, a quiz and a lot of useful communication.

    Manor Jazz Moscow

    • June 22 (Saturday) - June 23 (Sunday)
    • Park Kolomenskoye, Andropov
    • from 5 000 r.
    • A real celebration of music, arts and good mood, inspiring tens of thousands of people every year, will welcome all guests in 2019 at a new place - Kolomenskoye Estate!

    Demo Day 3 season accelerator MIPT "PhysTech.Start"

    • June 22 (Saturday)
    • Dolgoprudny, Scientific per 4
    • is free
    • On June 22, the Demo Day of the third stream of the MIPT business accelerator for innovative start-ups “PhysTech.Start” will take place :
      Residents undergo mentoring, educational and tracker programs, during which they gain knowledge, Advice and recommendations on the development of projects from successful entrepreneurs, graduates of MIPT and experts from technology companies.

    Demo Day is a graduation day for participants in the acceleration program, during which for the first time after three months of training they present their startups to the general public. Demo Day takes place in a pitch session format, that is, each team presents its project in a few minutes. Teams will talk about the product, about what they achieved during the acceleration and about their plans for the future.

    We are waiting for experts, investors, representatives of the venture capital market, projects that are planning to qualify for the next accelerator season and all those who are interested in innovative startups.

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