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    podcastPodcast “Web Standards” # 180 : Chrome and Safari, TC39, third-party resources, subgrids and accessibility
    podcastPodcast “Make me beautiful”, Issue No. 19 : away Andrey Chizh - Details about GraphQL, a little about the full stack and the death of ad blockers ; Issue No. 20 : Away Andrei Sitnik - Birth of a supervillain, censorship and why mitaps are better than conferences
    podcastPodcast “Devshahta-podcast” # 84 : Roman Dvornov on team lead and Signor
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Weekend” # 93 : Natalia Korotkova on how to move to London and find a job as a developer on site
    podcastCSSSR podcast # 93: News 512 - Windows terminal, testing and CD, evolution of Firefox and Beeline against
    podcastFrontend Youth (18+) podcast: VDSina will host npm
    video“Frontreview” # 13 : Tips for interviewing an IT company
    video“ Repozitorro ”# 17 : A very creative portfolio, but there is a nuance ...
    video“ proConf ”# 16 : React Amsterdam 2019 | Where React is going | Why it slows down React Native
    envideo# s3e3 ALL YOUR HTML , Page transitions with Highway.js and WebGL
    envideoJSConf Hawaii 2019 , 9 videos
    envideoJSConf EU 2019 , 17 videos

    Web development

    10 tips on how to increase the speed of loading pages
    Tools for effective web development process
    enTechnological trends in web development 2019
    enIntroducing a new element HTML - meet!
    enInteractive animation in HTML letters
    enWhen should you use Web Workers?
    en7 Absolute Truths I've Revisited Since I was a Junior Developer


    Do you need preprocessors in 2019
    CSS thinking style
    Animated CSS flex guide
    enResults of the annual survey “The State of CSS 2019”
    enStylization in modern web applications
    enLine break in terminal style using CSS Text
    enDangers of functional CSS
    enWhy most developers are afraid of CSS
    enAnimation of CSS Grid Rows and Columns - Learn to build CSS layouts
    enDrawing realistic clouds using SVG and CSS
    enDimensions of the DOM element and CSS transformation
    enMaking tables responsive with a little CSS


    habrA story about why I still use jQuery
    • A habrprotocol for communicating between the iframe and the main browser window
    habrMAM: assembling the frontend without pain
    enList of (advanced) questions in JavaScript
    enEverything you need to know about the date in JavaScript
    enWeb Audio for Electric Guitar: How to Connect an Instrument


    Opera has developed the world's first “gaming browser” Opera GX with a distinctive design, control over the load on the processor and memory and other game functions
    Opera, Brave and Vivaldi will not fight ad blockers when Chromium is updated
    New Firefox and related logos are introduced with it services
    the Mozilla Firefox wants to introduce in the paid subscription service for access to "premium" features, but the browser will remain free himself
    The beta version of Google Chrome 76 complicates the use of Flash and facilitates bypassing the paywall
    the Microsoft does not give up Internet Explorer in Windows 10 In Firefox 68 will be the new Add-ons Manager

    enIn the next version of Chrome, the Install icon will automatically appear in the address bar if the site meets the PWA criteria
    enMicrosoft Edge developers held a Reddit AMA session


    NYTimes read 150 user agreements. The conclusions are disappointing
    A new technique for covert identification of the system and browser has been introduced
    The GIF graphic format is 32 years old. Look at the first “GIF”
    The strangest sections of Reddit according to Reddit users
    Google has released a free Game Builder video game that allows you to create 3D games in the Minecraft style without the slightest idea of ​​a game dave
    Apple and Microsoft have jointly developed a new iCloud application for Windows 10
    Ethics of AI: how to relate to the thinking and feeling robots?

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