Free as a wind and free as a beer translation of “Free as in Freedom” into Russian under the GNU FDL 1.3 license

    It is very strange, but for many years no one translated into Russian “Free as in Freedom 2.0” - the fundamental book about Richard Stallman and his crusade against proprietary software, non-disclosure agreements and other things that violate fundamental human freedoms in the digital age. Time to fix it!

    Here is the project repository on GitHub . Now the link is available only the first chapter.

    Yes, yes, I know that GitHub is not a good thing from Richard's point of view. Fortunately, you don’t need to completely support Richard in order to translate books about him :-)

    New chapters are planned to be released every few days, at least once a week. Release often, release early . You’ll get something like a live blog when you can read something new every few days.

    Unfortunately, the full text cannot be copied to Habr, since the license of the book ( GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 ) is incompatible with the Habr Agreement . This is not a problem of FDL or Habr as such, just the world is designed so that some tasks always cause certain conflicts, and you need to deal with these conflicts manually, as in the case of this habrosta.

    Although I, of course, am a little upset by the lack of a Free Software hub, more precisely because the Open Source hub is simply called "Open source", and not "Open Source & Free Software". However, it is hardly possible to do something here, a die with that name would hardly fit in a horizontal line.

    Pull requests are temporarily not accepted - I consider the book to be a work of authorship, which, like the core of a framework, must first be written by 1-3 people, and only then put to the public for trial.

    However, if someone believes that such a translation policy is unacceptable, he can start his own translation or fork my translation and keep it up to date. It is in the spirit of the hacker community and Free Software. But there is one big request - when creating a new translation, indicate that it is a translation of the original, and when creating a fork, adhere to the spirit of GNU licenses and indicate the chain of authorship. Apart from licensed cleanliness, this is a purely ethical issue that allows the community to maintain a spirit of teamwork, solidarity, and harmony.

    Plus, I am negotiating with publishers, and perhaps by the fall we will see a printed version of the book.

    Enjoy reading!

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