Digital events in Moscow from June 11 to 16

    A selection of events for the week.


    Meeting with TheQuestion users and Connoisseurs

    • June 11 (Tuesday)
    • Tolstoy 16
    • is free
    • We invite users of TheQuestion and Yandex.Znatokov to a meeting devoted to the integration of services. We will tell you how our work is built, and share plans. You can express opinions, ask questions and influence individual decisions. Data Explained

    • June 13 (Thursday)
    • Leningradsky pr 39st79
    • is free
    • June 13, we invite everyone who works with data to the Moscow office of Odnoklassniki, at Data Explain. Together with colleagues from, Group,, Yandex.Taxi and other technology companies, we will discuss the evolution of storages and databases, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to data storage, as well as how these approaches affect convenience of different data interaction teams. The event will be held in the format of an open discussion between the speakers and the audience, so prepare your questions and do not hesitate to ask them.

    BEMup - BEM mitap

    • June 14 (Friday)
    • Tolstoy 16
    • is free
    • In the program:
      - Overview of @ bem-react / classname - the most minimal package for generating CSS class names by BEM with TypeScript support.
      - Static and dynamic modifiers using @ bem-react / core. Consider the correct methods of composition, methods of expanding components and other subtleties of use.
      - Dependency management thanks to @ bem-react / di: why do the components of the registries, how to organize experiments on the project correctly, do I need to put all the dependencies in the registry, organize the code for different platforms, separate the code in modifiers and blocks.

    ManySessions. Tube meeting Design community

    • June 14 (Friday)
    • Earth shaft 9
    • is free
    • “ManySessions” is a meeting for product designers and product managers to be held June 14 at ManyChat’s office.
      Interesting reports from professionals in the creative industry, heated discussions on the sidelines, useful contacts and the opportunity to meet colleagues from other companies - all this and not only awaits the participants of this event.

    Buttons and icons: reflection of the real world in the interface. Lecture

    • June 14 (Friday)
    • Bersenevskaya nab 14str5A
    • is free
    • Any publication on the Internet is always a compromise and following the rules of the service interface. But the very set of buttons, dialog boxes and simple actions like copying, moving, saving can be this content and the starting point for creativity. For two years, Ines Cox has documented all stages of her digital work in order to understand how the features of screen interfaces affect her design.

    Food Workshops Blankset PSW

    • June 15 (Saturday)
    • Moscow
    • from 2,300 p.
    • Blankset School launched team brainstorming workshops where people generate solutions for real-world product challenges. All practice is based on real analytical data and research results, and the process is facilitated by specialists from the strongest product teams.
      The theme of the next workshop on June 15 is conversion and attracting the attention of users. Approaches to the generation of conversion promotional and functional solutions will be examined, and on a practical assignment, students will receive a brief from MegaFon and practice all these approaches and tools live.

    about: cloud

    • June 15 (Saturday)
    • Tolstoy 16
    • is free
    • During about: cloud, you can chat with those who create Yandex.Cloud, give feedback to developers and service managers.
      This time we’ll talk about these services:
      Yandex Managed Service for Kubernetes - an environment for reliable, convenient and secure management of Kubernetes clusters in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.
      Yandex Monitoring is a service for collecting metrics about the state of resources with the ability to visualize them.
      Yandex Instance Groups is a service for deploying and scaling virtual machines, which allows you to create groups of the same type of VM in the Yandex.Cloud infrastructure.
      Yandex Message Queue is a distributed queuing service that allows you to organize reliable, scalable and high-performance messaging between applications.

    Hackathon Digital Growth

    • June 16 (Sunday)
    • Vernadsky 82corp2
    • is free
    • Participants will compete in solving problems on machine learning, text analysis, marketing analytics, as well as in creating various types of projects based on data: extensions for web browsers, infographics, prototypes of Internet services and mobile applications, bots. Participants can solve one of the proposed problems or develop their project based on the proposed data.

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