Registration for Customer Experience Day in St. Petersburg is open on June 20

    We invite everyone to the Customer Experience Day , which will be held June 20 at 19-00 in the St. Petersburg office of Wrike . Registration is required, participation is free.

    We are waiting for customer success and product managers, sales specialists, account managers, students of linguistic universities who want to develop in the IT field, and all employees of food companies who care about customer service.

    At a meeting in the Wrike office in interactive formats, we will discuss:

    • how to learn product managers to interact with customer success managers and what to do if there is no such role in your company;
    • how to create a motivated support team,
    • how to retain customers and attract new forces of client managers and account specialists.

    There will be two parallel flows: for those who are interested in customer management topics, and those who are closer to support.

    1. Ekaterina Mitusova, Teamlead of Customer Success
    Ekaterina Syromyatnikova, Support director
    How to start working as a client and support manager? What is needed for this?

    We’ll tell you who the “SSA” and “support specialists” are and what kind of background is needed to start developing in this area.

    2. Anton Danilov, Product manager
    Semyon Klimanov, Customer success manager
    Daria Sagdeeva, Customer success manager
    and another secret speaker
    Panel discussion. Why do I need a feedback between the product team and the customer success team?

    We will talk about the interaction of product and customer success managers, we will discuss the formats of client feedback and its perception both from the side of CS managers and product managers.

    3. Artem Gurnov, Project Manager
    Ekaterina Korneeva, Customer success manager
    Workshop. Why do customers unsubscribe from the product?

    In an interactive discussion, we will analyze the main reasons for churn: why the client decides not to use the product. Let's try to find solutions to the problem.

    4. Maria Misyuk, Vadim Timokhin, On-boarding Deployment Consultants
    as a guarantee of successful use of the product or all about Professional Services.

    Maria and Vadim will tell you what Professional Services is, what role this option plays in the process of client onboarding, and demonstrate how the client’s problems are solved using a well-built PS process.

    5. Irina Arutyunova, Customer Support Specialist
    How to avoid routine in the support team?

    On the example of real cases, Irina will tell how Wrike struggles with the routine in the team and quickly closes tickets, and also suggests that the participants themselves build a plan to combat the demotivating routine.

    6. Alina Lushnikova, Customer Support Specialist
    Support and other teams: is there any interaction?

    Again, in a discussion format, we’ll talk about how to become a feedback guru in the eyes of engineers, products, analysts and still manage to process customer requests.

    We are waiting for you at the Wrike office on June 20 to 19:00.

    Register .

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