On "Vkontakte" sued for issuing personal data of the user of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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The founder of the public "Ombudsman of the Police" social network "Vkontakte" sued the social network. The fact is that the administration of the resource has issued personal data of the UMVD user in the Belgorod Region. The social network has given all the data it has to the owner of the public, including phones, login, IP-addresses and everything else.

The head of the public is currently suing an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Belgorod region. A police officer recently filed a civil lawsuit seeking the recovery of non-pecuniary damage “for using his image,” as reported by RIA Novosti. The defendant associates the data of the Belgorod police with this lawsuit.

The social network commented on the lawsuit. The administration stated that the plaintiff’s charges were groundless.

“A legitimate request was received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Belgorod Region, it was checked, and then a response was sent to it. Under the current legislation, VKontakte was obliged to provide the requested information in the minimum amount. Personal messages can not be issued to any of the state bodies without a court decision. In this case, there was no relevant court decision and the correspondence was not issued, ”the statement says on Vkontakte.

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