Weekly news: Huawei still has problems, “quantum phone” in the Russian Federation, ARM has new processors

    In this issue, read:

    • Huawei loses the ability to release devices with SD memory cards;
    • Runet bypasses television on advertising revenue;
    • ARM introduces new processors;
    • Russia has developed a "quantum phone";
    • salary depends on heredity;
    • software engineers and DevOps have higher salaries;

    Huawei has lost the ability to use modules with SD cards in new devices

    The conflict between the United States and China negatively affects the business of Huawei. The company is gradually losing access to critical resources for developers. For example, the intellectual property of various American companies.

    So, in the future, the company will not be able to produce its phones with a microSD memory card module . The reason is the one-way severance of relations between the SD Association and the Chinese company. Thus, Huawei will be forced to exclude the slot from all of its smartphones, including the 2019 Mate line, Honor line and others.

    In addition, the company was removed from the list of members of the Wi-Fi Alliance, which does not allow it to participate in the development of new wireless technologies within this organization.

    Runet outperformed television both in terms of profitability and audience reach

    The Russian segment of the Internet is gradually growing. In terms of daily audience reach, Runet has already bypassed TV . True, the TV channels still have a broader monthly and weekly audience than Runet, but there is no doubt that the Internet will soon bypass TV in this too.

    In addition, television has already lost the status of the most profitable media in Russia. According to experts, last year Internet companies earned about 203 billion rubles in advertising, and TV channels - 187 billion. In the first quarter of this year, television advertising revenue fell by 6%, which is likely to allow the Internet to break ahead even more.

    New ARM processors for mobile devices

    The British company ARM has announced new processors for mobile devices . These are the Cortex-A77 processor, the Mali-G77 video accelerator and the ARM ML neural processor (NPU). The company said that the new chips are designed for productive phones, 5G and IoT gadgets, autopilot cars, for neural networks and artificial intelligence tasks.

    A quantum phone for 30 million rubles

    Infotex and the Moscow State University Center for Quantum Technologies introduced the first Russian telephone with quantum communications security . The device acts as an IP phone that is connected to a quantum key distribution client and server.

    Serial production of such phones will begin by the end of this year. The company plans to sell its device to large corporations. The fact is that the cost of the system starts from 30 million rubles. The basic set includes a server and two terminals. One of the potential customers of such a communication system is Sberbank.

    The amount of earnings is determined by genetics

    A study of Finnish social scientists shows that heredity affects the level of a person’s earnings . According to the results, it became clear that for women, genetic characteristics determine their income by 40%, for men - more than 50%.

    The researchers analyzed the financial situation of a large group of identical and opposite twins. It is worth noting that it was the twins who became the usual objects of observation for scientists in sociology. They can very clearly demonstrate the role of congenital signs in comparison with acquired ones.

    Despite the fact that much depends on genetics, scientists emphasize that the genetic conditionality of socio-economic inequality does not make it insurmountable.

    Software Engineers and DevOps Professionals Get the Most

    Stack Overflow specialists studied the working conditions of 90 thousand developers around the world.

    It turned out that software engineers and DevOps specialists get the most:

    • Leading software engineer (Engineering Manager) - $ 95 thousand per year;
    • Site Reliability Engineer software engineer - $ 85 thousand per year;
    • DevOps-specialist - $ 71 thousand per year;
    • software engineer for working with data (Data Engineer) - $ 66 thousand per year;
    • Scientist / Machine Learning Specialist - $ 61K per year;
    • Data Analyst / Business Analyst - $ 59 thousand per year;
    • software developer for embedded devices and applications - $ 57 thousand per year;
    • full-stack developer - $ 57 thousand per year;
    • backend developer - $ 56 thousand per year;
    • Enterprise application developer - $ 56 thousand per year.

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