Uhhhhhh. How to sell on the Internet without a website

    - Please send us an invoice!
    - I can not hear!
    - Send an invoice!
    - What to send ???
    - Invoice. I spell: Inna! Nataliya! Valery! Olga! Irina! Sergei!
    - Who are these people????

    One of my friends solves programming problems for students - he does not have his own website, but there are groups in social networks where he collects and processes orders. Customers transfer money to him on the card, and he lives happily ever after. The flow of people who need solutions is big, and there are thoughts to scale - but there can be problems with this.

    Firstly, there is no site. This is troublesome, but a friend does not want to invest in it. Secondly, now customers may not have the right bank card, and they will go to others - because the competition is high. Again, the tax and 54-FZ - nobody wants to have problems with them, and my friend is no exception. As a result, I told him about Yandex.Checkout and that you can accept payments without a website, simply by dropping the link in personal messages - while for the client the payment process will be like in any decent online store.

    In your Yandex. Cash desk you can invoice customers for goods or services - and send them by letter, via SMS, in instant messengers or social networks. For those who sell through a group, that's it. Billing is reliably integrated into our payment protocols, so you can not worry about security - all transactions are protected.

    The section of your personal account is called “Accounts to customers”. It has a list of invoices - they can be canceled, re-issued or just see that the bills are paid and everything is in order. It looks like this:

    Without transfers from card to card

    Clients can pay the invoice in all the ways that the merchant has connected to themselves in Yandex.Cash - these are cards of any banks, electronic wallets, various Pay and invoices.

    There are different risks in the usual transfer from card to card - for example, the buyer can send money to scammers, and the seller’s account can be blocked for suspicious formulations of the purpose of payment. If the store is connected to Yandex.Checkout, you don’t need to be afraid of all this - it was checked well and the seller has all the necessary documents.

    The check, please

    Little data is needed, but a lot of opportunities appear - from the required fields there is only where to send the invoice, a list of goods and services and prices for them.

    If you expose by e-mail - you need to ask mail, if via SMS - find out the phone number. But this is not necessary - generate a link and send it to the chat where you communicate with the client. And if he is in no hurry, he wants a letter confirming your relationship in the mail, and he agrees to everything - that’s also possible, send a letter.

    The ancients predicted: you see the window of the new account - to the money

    What do you sell?

    Next, you need to choose what exactly you want to sell. At the same time, you can enter with your hands each time, or you can substitute goods from the base inside the service. Filling it with your goods is easy - immediately collect everything into one Excel file and upload at once. And if later you need to add something, download again.

    Each product has several parameters - mandatory and not.

    Mandatory - name, quantity, unit price, VAT (if the store operates under 54-FZ). In the case of selling solutions to problems, of course, it is difficult to predict their cost, but if the prices do not change much, you can set several options and indicate them in the account — for example, tasks of 100, 300 and 500.

    In the end, the mail account looks like this:

    And nothing is now the end of May


    A friend says that he sometimes holds promotions - bring three classmates with tasks and get a discount on your decision. When billing, you can do it by beauty - right inside indicate the discount so that the person not only sees that he pays less, but also clearly - that he saved. It seems not difficult, but the client is pleased.

    Dear customer is better than inexpensive


    As I wrote above, for those who have an online cash desk connected, when invoicing, additional items appear that are required by law , but buyers will not see them. The first is VAT, there you just need to specify the rate.

    When creating an invoice without customized fiscalization under 54-ФЗ in the form of invoicing, there is no field for choosing VAT. It appears only among merchants who have integrated with the cash desk and are residents.

    The next sign - the subject of calculation - this is the category of goods and services that you sell (“sign of the subject of calculation” from the law).

    You can select the values:
    • product,
    • excisable goods
    • Work,
    • service,
    • bet in the game
    • win in the game
    • lottery ticket,
    • lottery winnings
    • results of intellectual activity,
    • payment,
    • agent's commission,
    • property rights,
    • non-operating income
    • insurance fee
    • trade fee
    • resort fee
    • Several variants,
    • another.

    The method of calculation is how you receive the money - in part or in full prepayment, in advance, in full or in part, or on a loan. You can not specify, but the law requires from January 1, 2019, so you need to specify. So it goes.

    You can configure so that the values ​​of the subject and method of calculation never change - then you will not need to select them with your hands each time.

    Nice nuances

    A decisive acquaintance maintains a list of orders in a Google table - records the serial number, name, task conditions, and what else does he need for successful work. In the Cashier you can issue invoices with your own numbers (by default they are generated) and indicate the one that is now in the table.

    And let's not discuss the maintenance of the list of orders in the Google table - a friend just too lazy to relearn.

    If there are people who come back to you regularly, you can maintain a list of buyers - add contacts and quickly select them from the list when creating new accounts.

    If you order the same thing, you can re-issue invoices - for example, if someone orders a solution to the entire course of laboratory work within a semester.

    Most likely, in the picture - laboratory for nuclear fusion.

    And of course, invoices can be canceled.

    When billing comes in handy yet

    About orders on social networks and the lack of a website, I already told you - this is the real story of my friend.

    There are still long discussions of options by mail (for example, if you decide to give your uncle a circulation of badges with the logo of an amateur football club where he plays on weekends), or when there is simply not enough goods left, then you can manually recount it and invoice those who sent applications.

    If you are doing something similar and want to make the work even more convenient - connect to Yandex.Cash .

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