Intel showed the new i9-9900KS processor with 5 GHz Turbo frequency per core

    Yesterday, Intel introduced the public its new eight-core processor (16 threads) i9-9900KS with a clock frequency of 5.0 GHz for each core in Turbo mode. Turbo mode in Intel processors is a system that automatically raises the core clock frequency when the processor load increases and is not overclocking. The base frequency of the new 9900KS will be 4.0 GHz per core.

    Although the numbers of the base and Turbo frequencies are impressive, Intel can hardly be called good. The new i9-9900KS is actually a modification of the familiar i9-9900K- what the engineers of the company themselves admit. The new 9900KS uses almost the same layout and 14nm process technology as the 9900K, and engineers were able to increase the frequency thanks to a “series of improvements.” Also, no changes were made to the integrated graphics: the i9-9900KS will be equipped with the same Intel UHD 630 as its predecessor.

    In fact, the new i9-9900KS received an increase of 300 MHz Turbo frequencies for all cores - for the i9-9900K this parameter was 4.7 GHz for all cores and 5.0 GHz with "boxed" overclocking only CPU0. Another advantage is the fact that the “new” i9-9900KS will be fully compatible with motherboards that support i9-9900K.

    It is likely that the 9900KS processor will have a larger TDP than its predecessor, 9900K, which has a heat dissipation of 95 watts. Here is a comparative table of the characteristics of the top line of Intel processors:

    You need to remember that Intel is cunning by indicating TDP values ​​of 95 W, because this figure is valid only for the basic mode, without Turbo. For the full use of all the features of top Intel processors and their safe overclocking, the same i7-8700K and i9-9900K recommend scalping . This procedure, to put it mildly, is not the safest, even if it is performed by an experienced person in such matters. During scalping, there is a risk of damage to the textolite or the processor chip itself.

    The exact date of market entry and the cost of the new processor is unknown. Considering that Intel offers nothing fundamentally new to consumers, and the clock speed increase in Turbo mode is only 300 MHz per core (or 400 MHz in basic mode, 4.0 GHz per core for 9900KS versus 3.6 GHz for 9900K), then the cost should increase slightly. Now the recommended retail price from the manufacturer for the i9-9900K processor is $ 488-499.

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