News of the week: US war with Huawei, launch of Internet satellites into orbit, Russian electric car

    In this issue, read:

    • USA deprived Huawei of Google services and Android updates;
    • Tesla's third fatal electric vehicle accident;
    • statistics on the impact of Zombieload on processor performance;
    • zero day vulnerability in the new version of Windows;
    • the announcement of the Russian electric car;
    • An electronic key that allows you to re-register an apartment can be obtained for any person;
    • domestic SIM cards will be made with Russian cryptography, but on Samsung chips;
    • SpaceX was able to send into orbit 60 Internet satellites.

    Huawei will no longer be able to work with Android

    US President Donald Trump issued a decree that entailed the blacklisting of China's electronic device manufacturer Huawei . Those organizations that are on this list cannot work with American companies. The latter are prohibited from supplying listed organizations with spare parts, components, and software, or from providing technical services without special approval from the US government.

    Huawei has already refused to cooperate with Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, the manufacturer of ARM chips and other companies.

    Tesla Model 3 did not notice the truck and had a fatal accident

    The other day, the Tesla Model 3 electric car had an accident, crashing into the trailer of a truck that had crossed across the road. The vehicle’s autopilot did not notice the trailer, as already happened in 2016. It seems that Tesla was not able to solve the problem of recognizing objects located high relative to the car in the background of the sun . At the same time, at the time of the accident, the autopilot was turned on - the driver did this just a few seconds before the accident.

    Experts evaluate the impact of Zombieload on processor performance

    Last week, Intel acknowledged vulnerabilities in its latest generation processors. As it turned out, chip protection can lead to a decrease in their performance by several tens of percent. To verify these figures, third-party experts conducted experiments and studied how processors from different manufacturers work with hyperthreading enabled. For AMD chips, the performance drop was 3%, for Intel - 16% .

    A new version of Windows discovered a zero-day vulnerability

    An independent information security specialist has discovered a zero-day vulnerability in a new version of Windows. It is related to the task scheduler, which allows an attacker to obtain additional rights in the system and open files with the System access level.

    In December, a Russian electric car will be available for sale at a price of 450 thousand rubles.

    The CEO of Zetta announced the imminent appearance of a domestic electric car for sale . This vehicle will cost almost half a million rubles and have a range of 200 kilometers.

    Zetta is a compact three-door electric car with two or four wheels. All components of Russian production, except for the battery produced by GE Power Technology (China).

    An electronic key can be issued for any person and re-register an apartment

    Journalists from 47news found that an electronic key that allows you to conduct tax transactions , arrange an apartment for yourself or another person, as well as close companies, can be obtained in someone else's name. It is surprisingly easy to do. It takes about 15,000 rubles and a couple of days of free time.

    The input data of the person who comes to issue the key is checked poorly. The organizations that certify the identity of the person who came to issue the electronic key are private companies and practically do not answer for anything.

    The certificate that these companies receive gives the right to sell a digital signature, but they are not required to control the actions of the owner of the signature. The employees of the certification center are not controlled by the FSB, the Ministry of Communications, or any other bodies.

    Domestic SIM-cards will be released with Russian cryptography, but on a Samsung chip

    In December 2019, trusted SIM cards with domestic cryptography should appear in Russia . This was told by a source in a company that produces telecommunications equipment. These SIM cards will work on the chips of a South Korean company, but support domestic encryption standards, in full accordance with GOST.

    The cost of a new card will increase by no more than $ 1. Since now it is 15 ₽, it will grow to about 80 ₽.

    SpaceX launches 60 satellites Starlink global Internet network system

    The company Ilona Mask nevertheless launched the Falcon 9 launch vehicle with 60 Internet communications satellites on board. This is only the first test batch of devices. The total number of satellites to be launched into orbit is almost 12,000. They will communicate with ground stations using phased array antennas, and with each other using a laser.

    Initially, the rocket brought them into orbit with a height of 440 kilometers, and then the devices themselves rise using their own engines. SpaceX has so far not reported anything about the release of satellites into orbit of 550 km. These engines will also be used to adjust the position of satellites in orbits. In particular, in order to avoid collision with space debris.

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