The first hour of life with Yandex.Module

    There is a serious feeling that I am the first person to officially buy Yandex.Module. The guys at the stand during YaC 2019 were running for permission to sell it. And they got it. For it has already been announced)))

    What can I say, based on the results of the first hour of its use ...
    (for now, it’s the last one, the Module has been removed back to the box). The device itself is pretty much pointless. It works exclusively (while I have it) paired with something on which the Yandex application is running, through a voice chat with Alice. And, there is a feeling that it still needs to work under my account (it’s my account that has been added to Plus), that is, on the phone of my wife or children on my home TV at the moment when I'm not within reach, it will not work adequately.

    At the same time, the instruction in the box or on the screen is absent as a class, only pretty scanty tips. There is a support page , finding it is a separate quest, but there is some information on it. And it is understandable why this information is hidden so far - it can hardly please.

    The interface, in my picture of the world, under the voice is not "imprisoned" from the word at all. No, you can control it, of course (either by voice or by writing commands on the keyboard in the Yandex application chat on your smartphone))), it’s only easier to shoot yourself right away. To the UX specialists who did this, I would take my hands off at birth. To get to the settings, if possible, it is not clear how, the USB port and the microSD card slot are programmatically disabled. While they are only for beauty .. Normally, you can’t watch the program guide, there is not even an imitation of the remote control in the application (as, in fact, there is no separate application). From Ether on the desktop, you can’t switch to the Module (even on the same wi-fi network); how to manage the module from the desktop. If you work on a smartphone, you must first start a chat with Alice, and then first press the Alice activation button,

    By the way, with Yandex. Remote, if that also does not work.

    And there is no honest built-in Alice in it, although the opposite is stated - this device simply does not have a microphone, in order to start Alice - the commands are received and processed on a smartphone or speaker.

    They say (in Yandex) that it works more adequately with Yandex.Column. But why the Module, if the Column itself can do the same? UseCase, which is offered in Yandex, is a wireless connection between Yandex.Columns and a TV through the Module. Wireless dongle ???

    It is written that inside Andriod 7.1, but there’s simply nowhere to check it)))

    And, most interestingly, the box says that this thing was produced in May 2018 (although on the gizmo itself - November 25). That is, she was ready for a year and lay in warehouses for at least six months, while the software was being finished. Maybe they forgot to post what they finished?

    PS At the request of the comments, several "live" photos. A flash drive is nearby for scale.

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