Logging into Azure DevOps using GitHub credentials

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At Microsoft, we are focused on the idea, which is to give developers the opportunity to quickly create high-quality applications. One way to achieve this is to provide a range of products and services that cover all stages of the software development life cycle. This includes the IDE and DevOps tools, cloud-based application and data platforms, as well as operating systems, artificial intelligence, IoT solutions and much more. All of them are concentrated around developers, as individuals working in teams and organizations, as well as members of developer communities.

GitHub is one of the largest developer communities, and for millions of developers around the world, their identification on GitHub has become a critical aspect of their digital life. Recognizing this, we are pleased to announce improvements that will help GitHub users get started with our developer services, including Azure DevOps and Azure.


Your GitHub credentials can now be used to access Microsoft services.

Now we give developers the opportunity to log into Microsoft online services using their existing GitHub account on any Microsoft login page. Using your GitHub credentials, you can now log in through OAuth to any Microsoft service, including Azure DevOps and Azure.

You will see the option to log into your account by clicking “Sign in with GitHub”.

After logging in through GitHub and authorizing the Microsoft application, you will receive a new Microsoft account associated with your GitHub credentials. During this process, you also have the option of linking it to your existing Microsoft account, if you already have one.

Sign in to Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps offers a set of services for developers to help them plan, create, and submit any application. And with GitHub authentication support, we were able to simplify working with Azure DevOps services such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (Azure Pipelines); Agile Planning (Azure Boards); and storage of private packages, such as modules for NuGet, npm, PyPi, etc. (Azure Artifacts). Azure DevOps is free for individuals and small groups of up to five people.

To get started with Azure DevOps using your GitHub account, click “Start free using GitHub” on the Azure DevOps page .


After the login process is complete, you will be taken directly to the last organization you visited in Azure DevOps. If you are new to Azure DevOps, you will be taken to a new organization created for you.

Access All Microsoft Online Services

In addition to accessing developer services such as Azure DevOps and Azure, your GitHub account can be used to access all Microsoft online services, from Excel Online to Xbox.

When authenticating with these services, you can select your GitHub account after clicking “Sign-in options”.


Our commitment to your privacy.

When you first use your GitHub account to access Microsoft services, GitHub will ask for permission to use your profile information.

If you give your consent, GitHub will provide the email addresses of your GitHub account (both public and private), as well as profile information, such as your name. We will use this data to determine if you have an account in our system, or if you need to create a new account if it is not. Connecting your GitHub ID to Microsoft does not give Microsoft access to your repositories on GitHub. Applications such as Azure DevOps or Visual Studio will request access to your repositories separately if they need to work with your code, for which you will need to give consent separately.

Although your GitHub account is used to log in to your Microsoft account, they still remain separate - one simply uses the other as a login method. Changes you make to your GitHub account (for example, changing a password or enabling two-factor authentication) will not change your Microsoft account, and vice versa. You can manage the connection between your GitHub and Microsoft identities on the account management page on the Security tab.

Start learning Azure DevOps now!

Go to the Azure DevOps page and click “Start Free with GitHub” to start.

If you have questions, visit the support page. As always, we'd love to hear any of your feedback or suggestions, so let us know what you think in the comments below.

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