Where is fintech going, how to count unit economics and why to develop domestic entrepreneurship. Mitap Yandex.Money

    I am the best developer in the world, testing almost like a pro. I monitor the systems day and night, I download everything correctly on the prod. I draw five designs every night, with Edge, too, it seems, everything is buzzing. The only thing that is inhuman - I can’t work without a product.

    Everyone shares life stories, everyone shares on these and those. For coffee, three reports and pizza, there was a mitap about money and fintech. About the unit economics of customers, about trends, and about how to do it.

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    World fintech products market trends

    Daria Zaitseva, Yandex.Money

    I’ll tell you where Russian and world fintech is moving and how Yandex.Money is involved in this movement. Compare what is happening in our country with what our colleagues from the West and East are introducing.

    Internal entrepreneurship in financial institutions

    Ivan Gorshunov, Google Launchpad Mentor

    I’ll tell you what internal entrepreneurship is in financial organizations, how it differs in large companies, and what difficulties and errors may arise if you decide to make an independent product.

    How and why consider unit economics for your customers

    Vyacheslav Askalepov, Yandex.Money

    Unit economics helps make decisions that are appropriate for the business. If you look at the companies of customers with their eyes, important insights will open: how much you can raise the average check, how to speak the same language with the client to convey the real value of your product to him, and what to do to increase retention.

    It was a report from the Yandex.Money grocery meeting. If you have questions for the speakers, ask in the comments, and we will pass them on and answer. Or they will come here themselves.

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