Top 3D Academy - training in additive technologies at leading Russian enterprises

    Introducing Top 3D Academy - Russia's first set of educational programs for the exchange of experience in the field of digital production and additive technologies based on leading Russian enterprises.

    Further - more about the project and video of its presentation.

    We transfer the knowledge and experience of successful enterprises in the implementation of additive technologies and digital production in the process.

    Organized by Top 3D Group - the best integrator of additive technologies and digital production in 2018, according to the 3D Print Awards .

    about the project

    This unique program is designed to share experiences in the field of additive technologies. Its goal is to facilitate the integration of high-tech solutions in a manufacturing enterprise.

    Watch the video of the presentation of Top 3D Academy at the Top 3D Expo:

    Existing industry leaders will help you gain relevant knowledge and skills:

    Studying programs

    #1. 3D digital design. Topological Optimization and Bionic Design

    Production base: Engineering center " CompMechLab "


    • Topological optimization of parts and bionic design of parts;
    • Digital design and modeling for additive technologies.

    About CompMechLab Information Center

    CompMechLab Engineering Center SPbU is a leader in the field of technology development based on digital design and modeling, computer engineering and additive technologies. It develops fundamentally new “best-in-class” optimized parts and designs for leading companies in world and Russian industry.



    OBORONPROM Corporation / Rostec State Corporation, Gazprom OJSC, BP ​​Technologies LLC / Russian Helicopters JSC, TsNII Elektribribor Concern OJSC, Energia Rocket and Space Corporation named after S.P. Koroleva ”/ OJSC“ ORKK ”, OJSC“ Machine-building plant ARSENAL ”, and others.

    Production capacity

    At the disposal of the team of CompMechLab Information Center is the capacity of the Polytechnic Supercomputing Center (RCC), one of the highest-performing RCCs in Russia. The RCC computing environment has a total peak performance of about 1.3 PFlops.


    In the program of the course # 1: Digital 3D-design. Topological optimization and bionic design of parts. Read more on the site .

    # 2 Prototyping and serial functional 3D printing (FDM / SLA / SLS / SLM)

    Production base: Center for Additive Technologies


    • Implementation of industrial 3D printing technologies (FDM / SLA / SLS / SLM);
    • Prototyping parts of complex configurations.

    About the Center "VoronezhSelmash"

    Center for Additive Technologies “VoronezhSelmash” is an enterprise with the largest fleet of high-tech additive equipment in Russia. In stock and use industrial equipment produced by Stratasys, EOS GmbH, MK Technology GmbH, 3D Systems, Envisiontec.



    Among the clients of TsAT are enterprises belonging to the state corporations Rostec and Rosatom.

    Production capacity


    In the course program # 2: Prototyping and serial functional 3D printing (FDM / SLA / SLS / SLM). Read more on the site .

    # 3 3D scanning and reverse engineering. Vacuum casting and robotics

    Production base: " TPK Foliplast "


    • 3D scanning and reverse engineering;
    • Small and medium batch production. Vacuum casting. Thermo-vacuum molding;
    • The introduction of automated technical systems in production, robotics.

    About TPK Foliplast

    TPK Foliplast is the largest production and engineering center for rapid prototyping, vacuum molding, volume machining of parts, 3D scanning and printing in Russia. Makes prototypes, plastic products of small and medium series.



    Customers of Foliplast: ”PJSC Promtractor, Lada, GC Rostselmash, PJSC ODK-SATURN, LLC UAZ, LLC TRITON-ELECTRONICS, State Corporation Rostec, Mercedes-Benz, Indesit "," Volkswagen "," IVECO ".

    Production capacity


    Course Program # 3: Small and Medium Series Production. Vacuum casting. Thermo-vacuum molding. Read more on the site .

    How is the training

    1. Application for participation :
    You leave an application for a training program of interest.

    2. Reservation and payment :
    The program curator contacts you to clarify the details and enroll you in the course.

    3. Passing the training course :
    We take care of issuing tickets, arranging accommodation, transfer to the production base, and arranging your business trip.

    4. Obtaining materials and a certificate of completion of training :
    At the end of training, you will receive all presentation and lecture materials.

    Group training programs

    Individual training programs

    First reviews

    What kind of specialists will suit this program

    Our training programs will be interesting and useful to engineers, designers, technologists, equipment operators, service engineers, representatives of educational institutions, production owners,
    heads of production enterprises and design bureaus.

    For which areas of production is the program relevant

    The knowledge and experience presented will find application in organizations such as aerospace, defense, automobile manufacturing, instrument-making, automotive, radio electronics, SMEs, pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing and medical institutions, research institutes, design bureaus, and educational institutions.

    Upcoming Courses

    The next group course, one-day, will be held on June 20 under the program “3D-scanning and reverse engineering. Vacuum casting and robotics ”at the production base of TPK Foliplast. The next course is scheduled for July 10.

    Please submit your application in advance on the Top 3D Academy website .

    To create and coordinate individual programs, write to us at

    our clients

    Such clients as, among others, have already become such organizations as:

    We will be glad to see everyone who is ready to modernize production, integrating additive and digital technologies into it, and to develop the industrial culture of Russia.

    Learn more about different training formats, a detailed timetable of programs and organizational subtleties on the Top 3D Academy website .

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