News of the week: collectors want access to Russian phones, new Linux 5.1 kernel, Samsung data leak

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    • collectors plan to gain access to the national base of Russian telephones;
    • Mozilla decided to replace Firefox for Android;
    • Linus Torvalds introduced the Linux 5.1 kernel;
    • The Ministry of Communications does not support the preinstallation of Russian applications on smartphones;
    • Samsung has leaked source code and accounts for developer accounts.

    Collectors request access to debtor phones

    The National Association of Collection Agencies (SRO NAPKA) sent an appeal to the State Duma with a request to provide collectors with the telephone numbers of debtors indicated in the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA). According to collectors, providing access will solve the problem of calls to citizens whose numbers are indicated in the questionnaire by mistake.

    Experts do not agree with this opinion, saying that the problem of calls to third parties exists, but here is a way to solve it, which the collectors offer, carry additional risks. In particular, this will entail a weakening of the protection of personal data.

    Mozilla will replace Firefox for Android

    In January of this year, a mockup of Fenix, the new Mozilla mobile browser, appeared on GitHub. Now developers have provided access to its development build . As it turned out, Fennec, the current Firefox for Android, is not very popular among users, so Mozilla decided not to spend effort on further work with it.

    The new browser is primarily created for the younger generation. GitHub states that “Fenix ​​is ​​not an Android browser for your parents.”

    Linux 5.1 kernel release

    The Linux community spent two months working on the Linux 5.1 kernel. The new version received a large number of new features and additions . Among the updates, it is worth highlighting a new interface for io_uring asynchronous I / O, support for scalable monitoring of very large file systems through fanotify, a solution to the problem of 2038, etc.

    Torvalds said that the 5.1 kernel received more than 13 thousand commits. The final list of changes is very extensive.

    The Ministry of Communications does not support the pre-installation of Russian applications on smartphones

    The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media gave a negative assessment to the FAS’s idea of ​​the mandatory installation of Russian applications on mobile devices. The final decision has not yet been made, but the idea is contradictory.

    In particular, the Ministry of Communications is concerned that Apple will not release a special version of iOS for the Russian market, since it is not of particular importance to the company. But the phones of the corporation are used by many officials, including Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    The main message of the FAS proposal is the protection of the domestic manufacturer. The representative of the Ministry of Telecommunications Evgeny Novikov does not agree with this: "The market for applications for user equipment is already competitive, so such methods are unlikely to be effective here." Plus, if artificially restricting competition, this leads to the risk of redistributing the market in favor of large Russian companies.

    Closed data leaked from Samsung repository for developers

    Recently it became known that the most important data leaked from the Samsung repository , including the source code of several applications, secret keys to internal projects, logins and passwords for developer accounts. Several projects in the repository turned out to be public, they contained data containing access to developer accounts and closed projects.

    The problem was discovered by Mossab Hussein, a security specialist from Dubai-based SpiderSilk. Due to the vulnerability, he managed to gain access to 135 projects, a Samsung account on Amazon Web Services, logs and analytical data of several services, for example, SmartThings and Bixby.

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