Wheelchair races: Russian pilot wins CYBATHLON championship in Tokyo

    On May 5, a competition was held in which the world's leading manufacturers and engineering teams took part, creating the latest technical solutions and rehabilitation tools for people with disabilities. The Russian company Katervil became the winner of the championship.

    Wheelchair pilots competition (Yuri Larin in the photo on the left) includes a special obstacle course that simulates the daily difficulties that people often face with various spinal cord injuries or other serious injuries that prevent them from walking.

    “Race track” includes areas where you need to skillfully maneuver in confined spaces: drive between furniture, turn around on a small platform, and so on. The wheelchair should also be able to adapt to various surfaces, ride over rough terrain, slopes and climb stairs.

    The main mission of the Cybathlon Championship is to encourage manufacturers and start-up teams to innovative solutions that help people with disabilities become more independent and independent in their daily affairs.

    This year, the CYBATHLON Wheelchair was held in Kawasaki Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan. Among the participants are Asian and European developers who made their own prototype strollers specifically for the competition. The presented wheelchairs are equipped with technological solutions that allow you to overcome various obstacles, such as stairs, slides or doorways, while remaining not too bulky, easily sitting at a regular table.

    The Russian company Katervil won the championship, and during the final race took second place, putting its serial stroller on the track, which is now being sold on the Russian and foreign markets. To win the pilot, Yuri Larin did not have a little luck.

    The Novosibirsk Caterwil GTS3 EXPORT all-terrain stroller is an upgraded version of the GTS3 stroller-step-walker, surpassing its predecessor in speed and cruising range. The production of the new model was launched in April 2019, but the product is already in demand. It was this stroller oriented to the real market that brought silver to the Russians.

    On the way to the final, the Russian team was ahead of 6 other teams of all-terrain vehicle developers from Japan and Hong Kong, and in the final they fought with the HSR Echanced team from Switzerland. Beating the opponent in speed, and showing a high cross, the Caterville pilot crossed the finish line first.

    Unfortunately, the heat of passion made itself felt in the final race: at the first obstacle the Russian team made a mistake, and the chair touched the desk, which should call in without touching. According to the competition regulations, the passage of this obstacle was not counted. Penalty points made the Swiss the winner, and the Russian got silver. The third place went to the team from Japan, who lost to the Katerville stroller in the semifinals.

    “Among all the winners, only Caterwil GTSis a commercial product, while the rest of the teams presented prototypes that were not intended for everyday use, ”says company manager Ivan Nevzorov.

    According to the developer, the advantage of the Russian stroller over competitors
    is that it is made simply and reliably. In Caterville, the original mechanics are used - the combination of caterpillar track technology with a wheel drive. This is the only double-carriage in the world.

    Caterville is already a two-time CYBATHLON Wheelchair champion. On past models of strollers, Novosibirsk became the winners of the competition in 2017 and 2018. Katerville plans to regain the championship title in May next year, at CYBATHLON 2020, which will be held in Zurich, Switzerland.

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