5 cool digital marketing services not heard in Russia

    Hello, Habr!

    I will share my experience with services that are practically not used in Russia, but at the same time they are mega-popular in Europe and the USA.

    I’ll briefly write down what kind of services they are and why they are needed, their pros / cons on personal experience, and I’ll give you comparisons that are popular in the Russian market.

    Let's get started!

    1. GOA - Paid Search Audit on Google Ads


    The service helps you not to miss problems in Paid Search advertising campaigns in Google Ads.


    + You can see all the problems of the account: disapproved ads, high CPA,
    lower CTR, lack of negative keywords, conflict of ads with negative keywords and much more
    + Convenient and intuitive interface by color.


    - There is no Russian-language version
    - There are problems with the Shopping campaign (does not load conversions)
    - Statistics are sent to the service with a delay of 24 hours
    - There is duplication of the “Google recommendations” functionality

    I have not found any analogues in Russia. (If you know, write in the comments)

    2. Visual IQ - attribution analytics service


    The service helps to determine the exact cost of each channel on the way to the sale.


    + The system predicts the budget per channel / source by weight (the system assigns the weight itself)
    + Tracking the real value of the channel by ROAS (payback ratio for advertising costs)


    - Inconvenient interface (as compared to GA, as if it had not changed since the 2000s)
    - Poor integration with Yandex (frequent discrepancies in data)
    - There are problems in integration with all channels (constantly something ceases to be correctly read), you have to transfer data via Kenshoo (read about the service below, under number 4)
    - There is no Russian-language version
    - There is no Russian-language support

    Why do you need this service?

    Imagine that you have 5 advertising channels and you spend money on each.
    You see in your web analytics that the Display channel (display campaigns) does not bring money, the Paid Search channel (paid search), on the contrary, brings a lot.

    Should I turn off display ads?

    In reality, the client’s path counts from 3 or more touches.
    First, the user saw a banner of display advertising, then went to the site via SEO, left the site and bought, returning to the site, through a paid search (Paid Search).

    Visual IQ will help you understand what the real significance of the channel is on the way to the sale.
    And predicts how best to distribute the advertising budget.

    I did not find any analogues in Russia.

    3. Marketo - marketing automation service


    The service is used to automate marketing: email marketing, social networks, messages in instant messengers and working with leads (online forms, etc.).


    + Simple work with email newsletters
    + Single interface for collecting online applications and working with them


    - Cost from $ 2500 per month
    - No Russian version

    Analogs: Hubspot, Mindbox.

    4. Kenshoo - advertising campaign automation service


    The service automates the management of rates and strategies for advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Yandex Direct, Bing, Yahoo, Search Ads, Bia du, Pinterest.


    + Management of advertising campaigns from one interface
    + Good integration with Google Ads
    + Quick setup of automatic strategies
    + There is an audit of advertising campaigns (back in beta)
    + Russian-speaking managers (one was definitely)


    - Poor integration with Yandex.Direct
    - Frequent redirect problems (a kensho redirect will appear instead of your url on the search), because all links turn into kenshoo tracking and go through a redirect
    - New campaigns in advertising systems need to be loaded manually

    If you have a lot of advertising sources, it’s convenient to combine all advertising campaigns in one interface. The service will be useful to you if you have enabled attribution analytics - Visual IQ, kenshoo helps to transfer all the data from advertising campaigns to VIQ.

    The analogue in Russia is K50.

    5. Adobe Analytics - Web analytics service


    Pretty simple and convenient omnichannel analytics. Not inferior to the GA360, but superior in ease of use and data visualization.


    + Easy interface (will be understandable for beginners)
    + The flexibility of building dashboards


    - The cost is individual and can reach up to $ 2 million.
    - There is no Russian-language version.
    - Complex integration. To set up the service, you need the help of Adobe specialists, and this (alas!) Is paid.

    Having tried Adobe Analytics, you will understand how convenient it can be to work with data.

    Analogs: GA360

    That's all!

    In the future, I will describe in detail how to work with each of the services.

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