Welcome to speak at PyCon Russia 2019


    The seventh PyConRu will be held June 24-25 at the Cronwell Yakhonts Tarusa Hotel, 95 km from Moscow.

    PyConRu has a special format: two days, participants and speakers spend outdoors, listen to reports and master classes from Russian and foreign speakers, speak at Lightning Talks, and have fun at the after party with a bonfire and guitar songs in the evening.

    Until May 5, we accept applications for reports. In this post - some topics that we want to discuss at the conference, and instructions on how to become a speaker.

    What is PyCon Russia

    For those who don’t know, PyCon Russia is a conference for python developers, which has been held by IT-People since 2013. In 2018, she gathered 500 people from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Perm and other cities.

    All videos of last year’s reports can be viewed on our YouTube channel . Separately laid out presentations and photos .

    A short video about how PyConRu-2018 went

    I want to speak at PyConRu

    We are looking for interesting topics for the community and people who have something to say. If you want to speak, write to us. We are always glad to speakers with interesting experience. Applications are accepted until May 5. The coolest reports will fall into the program.

    Possible formats: report (30, 40, 60 minutes) and a master class. You can talk about how you solve an interesting problem, about how some kind of framework, tool or process is arranged, you can arrange an online programming session. The main thing is that it be your unique experience, your conclusions, mistakes and results.

    For inspiration, we have compiled a short list of topics that interest us. The list is not exhaustive; we are open to the new and are considering any applications.

    1. Look around for cultural enrichment. The strength lies in borrowing cool ideas from parallel projects and technologies:
    • Rust + python
    • julia vs python
    • go vs python
    • elixir vs python

    2. Profiling and optimization.

    3. Bioengineering. It is a technological trend in itself, and since there are quite a lot of ML, it is likely that there is an application for Python.

    4. Security. About the security of applications and services, about attack vectors for hacking, about how to secure the service. Here, of course, I want to hear the true stories of real projects.

    5. PyPy in production - is there life on Mars?

    6. Computer Vision.

    7. Integration and use with other languages.

    8. MicroPython.

    9. PyData, Data Science. Yes, we want to strengthen this block of reports.

    10. Reports about infrastructure, especially about innovative solutions.

    11. ETL. Everyone customizes for themselves, but maybe someone managed to generalize and put it in pthon.

    12. Image processing. It's not about neurons, but about optimization and acceleration.

    13. Versioning and reviewing python code for DS. All jupyter-laptops are terribly versioned, but only the code without conclusions is uninformative.

    The most popular report last year - "Asyncio today and tomorrow" by Yuri Selivanov


    This year's program is being formed. But we can already name a few names: Python core developer since 2001, author and maintainer of many parts of the Raymond Hettinger language (USA); Python core developer and unittest developer Michael Foord (UK); creator of SciPy, NumPy, and Numba, founder and director of Anaconda, Inc Travis Oliphant (USA); PyPy core developer Antonio Cuni (Italy); Booking.com developer Kirill Borisov (Netherlands); Yandex developer Rishat Ibragimov ; team lead in Search Mail.Ru Group Vadim Pushtaev ; developer at Flo Health Inc Nikita Grishko ; Dry Python project founder Artem Malyshev.

    Most speakers and reports will appear on the site in mid-May. The full conference program will be ready by June 1. You can follow the program on the conference website .

    In 2016, Raymond Hettinger made a presentation on Thinking about Concurrency at PyConRu and conducted a workshop on Descriptors and Context Managers.

    I want to participate

    Registration is open. Tickets cost: 20,000 rubles for double occupancy and 28,000 rubles for single occupancy.

    The ticket price includes: participation in the conference (2 days); hotel accommodation; lunch and dinner on June 24; breakfast and lunch on June 25; all coffee breaks; entertainment; buses from the Annino metro station to the conference venue and back on June 24 and 25.

    There is a special discount for students: -50% on a ticket for double accommodation.

    We are waiting for your application!

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