Russian Wolfram Technologies and Hackathon Conference 2019

    It is with great pleasure that we want to invite you to the Russian Wolfram Technologies and Hackathon Conference, which will be held on June 10 and 11, 2019 in St. Petersburg .

    Do not miss your chance to meet with Wolfram technology developers and exchange ideas with other Wolfram users. The reports will discuss the use of the Wolfram Language to increase productivity, the scalability and flexibility of Mathematica, the development of practical applications, and the integration of Wolfram technologies such as Wolfram Cloud, Wolfram | Alpha Pro, and Wolfram SystemModeler into your workflow.

    Students and schoolchildren are also invited to take part in the second All-Russian Wolfram Hackathon on June 10-11. Hackathon themes - machine learning, creative use of Wolfram Cloud, big data.

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