"Russia 404": How much free Internet is left to live

    We made the Russia 404 website dedicated to the law on Internet isolation - a timer that counts the time until the law enters into force.

    The law on isolating the Russian segment of the Internet will be effective from November 1, 2019: from this day, Russian authorities can oblige Internet providers to block all foreign traffic.

    The counter shows how much we have left to live in a free, uncontrolled Internet; it can also be regarded as a visual deadline for emigration.
    - Nick McFly, Eugene Kudashev, authors of the project

    The project is accompanied by a story - a fictional letter written on April 17, 2020, which describes the new reality in which families found themselves living in different countries and isolated from each other by a digital border.

    Sender: ************ <................ @ mail.ru>
    Recipient: ************ *** <................ @ gmail.com>
    Date: April 17, 2020
    Subject: Another day on the isolated Internet

    Hello. I do not know if you receive my letters. I hope that you receive, and that your answers simply do not make their way through the strong walls of our secure, reliable, sovereign Internet. I hope someday by some miracle to immediately get a pile of news from you and read them all day. However, I can’t be at all sure that my letters are really sent somewhere, so rather I write them for myself - like a diary.

    In the telegram channel of the project of the same name, the authors discuss possible options for the development of events after November 1: from the extremely positive, suggesting a boom of Russian Internet services and media, which will replace inaccessible Western counterparts, to the extremely pessimistic, suggesting maximum isolation, stagnation, and lack of freedom.

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