In Moscow will show a printer that prints organs and tissues

    On April 19th, you will be able to see a bioprinter at the Top 3D Expo sent to space and printing with living tissue in zero gravity aboard the ISS.

    At the Top 3D Expo 2019 exhibition and conference, yousef Hesuani, co-founder and managing partner of 3D Bioprinting Solutions, will demonstrate the device and talk about it .

    3D bioprinter Organ. Avt went to the International Space Station on December 3, 2018 and took part in several experiments.

    Medical use

    On this bioprinter, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko conducted experiments on 3D printing of living tissues: human cartilage tissue and mouse thyroid gland.

    After conducting experiments on Earth, in the laboratory of 3D Bioprinting Solutions, 12 biological 3D-printed samples were received for further study.

    3D printing in zero gravity brings science closer to the creation of tissues and organs for transplantation, helps to avoid the limitations of gravity and to test new methods of organ printing by living cells.

    In the fall of 2019, special synthetic ceramic materials will go into space, 3D-printed implants from which will help patients with complex fractures accelerate bone restoration.

    Application in food production

    In addition to the scientific and applied importance for medicine, bioprinting can find much more widespread application in food production. The foreign partners of 3D Bio, biotechnological startups from different countries, are working on the implementation of this concept.

    They are studying the artificial cultivation of beef, bluefin tuna and salmon cells, which will help in the near future to create meat production on an industrial scale - slaughter-free, environmentally friendly, technologically advanced and cheap. The company received samples from partners and tests them for compliance with technical requirements for sending into space and working with a 3D printer located there.


    Organ.Avt - a bioprinter designed to work in zero gravity conditions with biological material, such as living cells in a nutrient solution.

    This is a 3D printer that controls the printing material using magnetic fields in such a way as to form their structure not in layers in the same direction, but from all sides simultaneously.

    In addition to the bioprinter for space, the company also produces biological 3D printers for terrestrial conditions of use.

    Fabion 2

    FABION 2 is an improved version of the previous model of the company, the basic biological printer FABION, which prints using different consistencies and different compositions of bio-ink and hydrogels. The 3D printer provides a high cell density and a high level of synthesis of extracellular matrix proteins inside spheroids, which determines the high viability of the resulting tissue engineering constructs.

    At the conference

    At the exhibition and conference you will not only see “Organ.Avt” and other interesting ultramodern equipment for 3D printing and scanning, but also hear the speeches of specialists.

    The head of 3D Bioprinting Solutions, for example, will not only show the bioprinter and describe the principle of its operation, but will also make a report on the topic: “3D bioprinting: past, present, future,” will talk about the development of bioprinting in the world - its appearance, current situation affairs and prospects.

    You will also be expected: performances by other specialists, a rich exposition from manufacturers of equipment and materials, a round table on industrial 3D metal printing in Russia, the ability to create your digital full-length copy on a 3D scanner and a lot of relevant information.

    We are waiting for you at the exhibition!

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    If you cannot attend the Top 3D Expo, but would like to hear the speeches of specialists, you have such an opportunity - the purchase of tickets of the Business class gives the right to receive exclusive video materials of the event, including speeches by speakers.

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