Digital events in Moscow from April 15 to April 21

    A selection of events for the week.

    Leonid Boguslavsky

    • April 15 (Monday)
    • New square 6
    • 13 000 p.
    • On April 15, Leonid Boguslavsky, one of the main Russian IT investors, will become a guest of the Bell Club, whose portfolio includes shares in Delivery Hero, Ozon, and much more. Boguslavsky has been investing for 17 years, and, according to Forbes, this brought him over $ 1 billion. Now in his area of ​​interest are digital startups in medicine, transport, nutrition, artificial intelligence and even sports projects.

    ProductSense Moscow'19

    • April 15 (Monday) - April 16 (Tuesday)
    • Europe Square 2
    • from 8 900 r
    • The largest conference on product management in the CIS. About creating useful and profitable products. About practical tools. About trends and ideas.

    Retail IT 2019

    • April 16 (Tuesday)
    • Union 78
    • is free
    • Retail remains the most innovative industry in the Russian economy. Not the last role in this process is played by the state, which actually forces trade enterprises to switch to new, modern methods of work. It is enough to recall the two most high-profile projects of recent years - the introduction of EGAIS and online cash registers. Thanks to them, trade enterprises began to massively switch from primitive cash registers to modern cash registers.

    B2B eCommerce Conference

    • April 16 (Tuesday)
    • Theater pr 3st4
    • is free
    • B2B eCommerce Conference is an informal exchange of experience from different industries. The "club" format guarantees the top level of participants - strategists and practitioners of electronic commerce. We gather on one platform those who are starting to transform the business, and those who have already achieved results in online sales. We help you get to know each other, find new ideas and directions for development, and are ready to share your expertise.

    Js beer meetup

    • April 16 (Tuesday)
    • Enthusiasts br 2
    • is free
    • We continue our series of cozy meetings for developers in collaboration with large IT companies. April 16, together with hold JS Beer Meetup. 3 cool reports that will help you look at technology from a new angle, pizza, beer and informal communication with like-minded people - all in the office of The event is free, registration is required.

    ConfUse 2019

    • April 16 (Tuesday)
    • Okhotny Ryad 2
    • 5 000 p.
    • We called experts from OZON.Travel, Yandex.Taxi, Avito, Timepad, Brand Analytics, ESET NOD32 and other awesome companies to talk about customer service without embellishment.
      There will be real cases and insights about the organization of support, employee management, the intricacies of SMM, customer success. And a lot of communication, useful contacts and of course - auto party!

    We don’t say that: how do we call each other

    • April 17 (Wednesday)
    • Novoslobodskaya 16
    • is free
    • “Such things” change society with the help of texts. We talk about social problems and show how to solve them. Recently, we have increasingly begun to think that it is important not only what we write about, but also how we do it. And they decided to create a dictionary of correct vocabulary. First of all, for ourselves.

    RIF + CIB. 23rd Russian Internet Festival

    • April 17 (Wednesday) - April 19 (Friday)
    • Pension Forest Dali
    • from 8 500 r.
    • An event with exclusive reports by speakers from various industries in which they talk about the future of the Internet, technology, communications, business, the digital economy and the impact of “numbers on offline.” Over 70 sections and workshops on relevant topics.

    Startup Growth: Fitmost's Story

    • April 17 (Wednesday)
    • Pyatnitskaya 71 / 5str2
    • is free
    • Fitmost is a unique project of a single subscription, which makes it possible to attend simultaneously various fitness clubs and sports studios in Moscow.
      At the meeting, Aleksandra will tell how the idea of ​​creating a project came up, what difficulties she had to face, what are the plans for the development of the project, and also will share her experience of training on the Startup Academy SKOLKOVO program.

    Why woman in business is always a good idea

    • April 17 (Wednesday)
    • Worship 3
    • is free
    • The fastest growing New York community for women entrepreneurs WE TALKS enters the Russian market.

    Speakers Nights with Zelfira Tregulova

    • April 18 (Thursday)
    • New 100
    • is free
    • Visiting the General Director of the State Tretyakov Gallery Zelfira Tregulova. We will talk about the role of museums in the modern world, about their educational and economic potential. Let's try to parse the business model of the Tretyakov Gallery. We will discuss what tasks the leading state museum faces today; how to turn an exhibition project into a real event of national and international scale; how to work with an audience that has no habit of going to the museum. And learn how to achieve emotional well-being through art.

    Business Breakfast Fashion Retail. Omni, offline, e-commerce

    • April 18 (Thursday)
    • Tverskaya 20str2
    • is free
    • The event will be useful to business owners, heads of operating, IT and marketing departments of large and medium retail companies, brands and distributors.

    Panda-Meetup. Frontend

    • April 18 (Thursday)
    • Presnenskaya nab 10
    • is free
    • The main principle of Panda-Meetup is live communication in an informal setting on the most relevant topics. At meetings, developers and team leads of companies share successful cases and pain that cannot be resolved. Panda-Meetup is a place where competence grows and cool experience is gained.

    Itsubbotnik spring 2019

    • April 20 (Saturday)
    • Bersenevskaya nab 6st3
    • is free
    • ITsubbotnik is a great place to communicate with colleagues, leading specialists and experts in various fields. You can do networking, make new friends or business relationships and just have a good time with like-minded people.

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