Hi, SaaS | Russian SaaS 2018 - results

    The traditional post about what happened in the Russian SaaS over the past year is numbers, events, newcomers.


    • J'son & Partners Consulting presents the main research results of the Russian market of SaaS applications for 2014-17 with a perspective until 2022. They were surprised at the penetration rate of only 3% with an annual average market growth of 30% in users. 36% of SaaS users are from trade, non-financial services are in second place - 28% and closes the top three telecom leaders with 11%.
    • iKS-Consulting - in the coming years, the SaaS market will grow by an average of 23% per year and by the end of 2022 it can reach 155 billion rubles.
    • TMT Consulting - the volume of the Russian public cloud services market in 2017 grew by 25% and reached 42.6 billion rubles, but here we are talking about all segments of the clouds, where SaaS occupies 65%.


    My choice is Improvado and I'm interested in shifting values ​​and accents from tools to company data. The service team offers the user work with the Dashboard of all marketing data and 150 integrations with cloud services. In my opinion, this is a very correct trend with a change of priorities “from applications to data” - the Excel tablet drives. Improvado raised M $ 8, with which you can congratulate the startup with Russian roots.

    Merlion Group of Companies has created its own marketplace for the distribution of cloud software. To this end, Merlion acquired the developer of the Velvica billing system. The project was led by Anton Salov .

    Jivosite makes the right pivot and posted the vacancies of the business messenger developers.


    Banks continue to attempt to sell SaaS. In the Savings Bank for Business for 27 services located on the White label. I still do not understand why having a conditionally unlimited resource does not make many features around transactions and does not sell someone else’s complex.

    Dmitry Komissarov estimated the share of My Office in public procurement at 3% amid the fact that the company did not show much success in implementation, but took a loan for 100 pilot projects.

    MySklad changed the logo (event of the year) and entered the US market. I sincerely wish success to the team and to Askar Rakhimberdiev personally .

    Bitrix24 disclosed data on its affiliate network. The numbers are impressive - the CIS has 20,000 partners, in Europe - 1,600, in South America - about 978 each, in North - 966, in Africa - 478, in Australia and New Zealand - 97.

    Mail.Ru platform for business has grown 8 services and there there is even, attention, computer vision.


    The respected portal Tadviser has ignored all SaaS vendors in its brand new IT card . A very strange position of Alexander Levashov personally not to notice the companies that occupy 65% ​​of the cloud services market.


    They waited. In its Decree of June 8, 2018, the Government of the Russian Federation No. 658 finally authorized state purchases “Software through the use of communication channels and external information technology and software and hardware infrastructure that provides for the collection, processing and storage of data (cloud computing services)”.

    National cloud platform 07 from the marketplace went into an amorphous state with redirection to the entrance .

    Cloud trends

    I think that over the next few years, SaaS developers will actively integrate elements and mathematical methods of machine learning into their segments of analytics, forecasting and data enrichment in their products.

    SaaS Brokers 2019

    You can try to negotiate SaaS sales with Selectel, Softline, MerliONCloud, Oncloud, Sberbank for Business.


    In 2018, Startpack remained the leading content-themed platform. He is caught up with dubious projects copying the leader and more like SEO attempts, rather than a quality rating. For example, the dubious Crmindex did not host my DentalTap service , which is about niche clouds.


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