Setting LaTeX in Sublime Text

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Below is a guide to installing the Sublime Text text editor , followed by adding the ability to use the LaTeX computer layout system . As a bonus, we will teach him to understand the language of Julia .

Install MiKTeX

  1. On the site, click the All downloads tab
  2. Select Net Installer depending on the bit depth of your system.
  3. Click Download and wait for the online installer to download.
  4. Having carefully read the user agreement, select the Download MiKTeX checkbox
  5. When using a proxy, enter your add-ons in Connection settings ...
  6. In the next step, select Complete MiKTeX
  7. Selecting a server (preferably one of the top Russian ones) and specifying a directory, wait for the necessary files to load
  8. Follow step 4 again, but this time selecting Install MiKTeX
  9. After installation is complete, start TeXworks through Start
  10. Open any .tex document in it or create a new one
  11. Select pdfLaTeX from the drop-down menu and click on the adjacent triangle in the green circle

This will compile and create the PDF file. Using TeXworks, you can begin full-fledged work, for example, using LaTeX you can very effectively collect a diploma or dissertation ( Ready-made templates )

It is much more convenient to use LaTeX through Sublime Text. In addition to convenient highlighting and auto-completion, here you can see the image or the typed formula without compiling, that is, see the result during typing. By the way, in Sublime Text you can type (and if you add the appropriate plugins, then execute) the program codes of many programming languages ​​and markups: C / C ++, Java, MATLAB, PHP, HTML ...

Install Sublime Text 3

  1. Download and install Sublime Text 3
  2. Download and install Sumatra PDF . This lightweight program allows you to view PDF documents, DJVU, FB2, etc.
  3. Having launched Sublime Text, open the command line by pressing Ctrl + shift + p and start typing Package Control: Install Package , and when it appears, click and wait for the connection to the repositories to be established
  4. If for some reason there is no Package Control, open the console by pressing * ctrl + ` (() and copy the spell on the parseltang, which can be found on the Package Control plugin page , press Enter and restart Sublime Text.
  5. In the list of plugins, enter LaTeXTools and, when it appears in the list, click and wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Next, we initiate the default settings: Preferences / Package Settings / LaTeXTools / Reset user settings to default , and then the Check System there.
    If all the labels are green, then Sublime Text became friends with Sumatra and LaTeX, and now you can create or edit tex documents. When you press ctrl + B, a translation takes place and, if there are no errors, the paged PDF opens. Ctrl + shift + B - select the type of assembly.

More on LaTeXTools

Finding LaTeX manuals online will be easy for you (For example: Tutorial , Wiki ). It will also be useful to use the online formula editor until the commands are stored in memory.

Julia in Sublime Text

In Package Control: Install Package, type Julia , download the plugin, and now Julia appears in the View / Syntax tab, among other languages, so now you can type programs in this language with backlighting and Greek letters (\ delta + press tab), as well as save files to .jl format .

When saving files, it will be convenient to split into modules inside:

module somename
# functions, variables
# and some things

Code typed in Sublime text and saved in .jl format can be executed in REPL

# указываем путь к файлу
# подключаем файл
# теперь доступны все модули и функции 
# содержащиеся в каждом из них

This concludes a small guide. All convenient layout and pleasant lighting!

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