Chat on the site and in the issuance of Yandex

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Chat on the site and in the issuance of Yandex

In this text we will talk about chats for business from Yandex. On April 3, 2019, Yandex announced that it had launched its own chat platform. I must say that the appearance of chats on the pages of Yandex search results occurred a little earlier, but now Yandex is taken to process the exchange of data between users and provide them with graphical interfaces. Here we will look at how to create and use such chats.

What should we do

Let's look at the appearance of such a chat and how it works on the example of one hotel. There is no need to swear at this place - this is not a hidden advertisement, I just share my experience of introducing chat for business into real business. It’s because it’s not advertising - there will be no links to the hotel (even its name is not mentioned in the text), but if someone goes to the hotel’s website using the information from the screenshots, a big request not to experiment there is a real hotel, not test site!

What the user sees

Here we are in Yandex search and find our hotel (bottom left):

Hotel in Yandex search

Under the snippet (brief description) of the hotel we see the button " Online Consultant ", an avatar of some person, and the inscription "The consultant will answer you ≈ 2 min ." I immediately became interested in the avatar - who is it? I tested the chat under my Yandex account, but it's definitely not me. I had to write in support, and they replied that it was their experiment - to substitute the fictitious faces of consultants, and that there was no way to do something differently yet. Now you know that too.

A value of ≈ 2 minutes is more or less clear - the average response rate of a consultant (below you will see that this is so). Well, now the most important thing is to click the " Online Consultant " button :

Yandex Search Chat

A chat appeared on the bottom right, right on the Yandex search results page - you can ask or place orders without going to the company's website. Agree that this is a definite competitive advantage - to reduce the distance to the client by half a step. Especially in businesses where you can’t get around now: delivering pizza, food, flowers, installing plastic windows, repairing all kinds of equipment ...

But there is another additional bonus - the chat is automatically published in the Yandex catalog " Alice's Skills ", and participates in the search there on an equal footing with Alice's voice skills:

Chat in the directory search

On the chat listing page in the skills catalog, you can immediately start communicating, or contact the business through the website or email, which are also presented there:

Directory listing chat

And here is the Yandex chat chat widget (which can be installed starting April 3rd) on the company's website:

Chat on the hotel website

What the chat operator sees (hotel receptionist)

Yandex’s chat operator interface is very simple and elegant:

Chat Operator Interface

As you can see, in the panel on the right, the operator can change the status of chats, exchange them (send or receive) with other operators, or mark chats as spam. And on the panel on the left - to extract chats from their various statuses to continue working with them.

Note that the operator sees where the user came from. In this case (this is a test example), we can see that the user is writing from the chat open on the Yandex search results page (" Organization URL in search "), followed by the URL of the organization card in the Yandex Directory (if any), and then - user location (" User region"; in this example, Moscow), which can be very important for some types of business.

Here you can add new operators (the operator must have an account in Yandex) by clicking on the button at the bottom left with a picture of a group of people:

Adding a chat operator

Operating procedure

Proof of Rights

First of all, we need to confirm the rights to the site in the Yandex Webmaster service under the same Yandex account, in which we will create a chat for it in the Yandex Dialogs service (more on this below). How to register a site in Yandex Webmaster is not our topic - just here is the result that we can see now:

Hotel website in Yandex Webmaster

Pay attention to two things here. Firstly, it is indicated that the average response time is 2 minutes - this is exactly what we saw under the snippet on the Yandex search results page ( ≈ 2 min) Secondly - and this is not good - the proportion of unanswered messages in the chat reaches 43%. The fact is that the chat was made recently (we see that there are only 7 chats there), and when testing, there was a careless negligence. But Yandex has all the moves recorded, and he entered it in the statistics of the use of chat.

But this is bad because for many unanswered messages Yandex can remove the chat button from the snippet on the search results (the chat on the company's website will remain untouched in any case), and even (attention!) - downgrade the site in the rating. Therefore, be careful with this - when testing a chat, always leave the last word to the operator, that is, questions even the test user do not leave unanswered.

In addition, if we want our chat button to be visible also in the cardYandex Directory of our organization - we confirm ownership of the organization in the same Yandex account. This is not a required action, and it is also not the topic of today's article - just look at how it might look in the Yandex Directory console:

Registration of the organization in the Yandex directory.

Create and publish a chat

Now that all this is ready, we are ready to create and publish a chat. Go to the Developer Console Yandex Dialogues , and press the tile " to create a dialogue ." In the window that appears, " Choose the type of dialogue, " select " Chat for business ":

Choosing a dialog type

Go to the " Settings " tab , and begin to fill in the fields:

Filling in the fields Site and Organization

The " Site " field is required, the rights to the site, as I said, must be confirmed in Yandex Webmaster in the same Yandex account. If everything is done correctly, after saving a shortcut will appear on the green background " Confirmed " (before saving, there will be a red text next to the field "

The " Organization " field is optional, and if there is such an organization with confirmed ownership in the Yandex Directory console of the same Yandex account, its data will be tightened as soon as you start typing the name. This will place the chat button on the Yandex Directory organization card . But I already spoke about this earlier. Moving on:

Filling in the Provider and URL fields

In the " Provider " drop-down list"select a chat provider. Once again, to understand the essence: the chat will be displayed in Yandex search results - this is the main responsibility of chats for business from Yandex. But in order to provide functionality to the chats themselves (data transfer between the interlocutors) - you need to connect it with any out of 35 providers (at the time of writing), so Yandex has also become one of these providers since April 3. In this example, I chose Yandex as a provider - it’s free (though it’s not the only one) and I really wanted to try this is an innovation (conclusion bud it’s at the very end.)

In the “URL” field, indicate the pages of the site whose snippets, if they fall into Yandex search results, will contain the “ Online Consultant ” button". In order to indicate to Yandex that the chat button should be shown in the snippet anyway (I think this is the most popular option) - put an asterisk (*) after the domain name.

Next, in the" Publishing in the directory " section , we see the following:

Publication of the hotel project in the catalog

Field" Name companies "- is displayed in the listing in Alice’s skills catalog, immediately below the name of the dialogue (both chat rooms for business and voice skills for Alice are Yandex calls dialogs, which, in general, is fair). The

field" Email for communication with the organization "is displayed in the chat listing in Alice's skills catalog. confirmation - an email will be sent to this email address with a link to which you will have to go, being under the same Yandex account in which the chat is created.

The “ Name of dialogue ” field is important because it seems that words are taken from here to compare with search queries in Alice’s skills catalog. Therefore, in my example, the name of the dialogue contains not only the name of the hotel, but also its location.

From the Category drop-down list, select the value that is most suitable for a particular business.

The following are the fields for the welcome message, etc. Sugestov (from English suggest - suggest, prompt):


With the field " Welcome message"everything seems clear. This is exactly the welcome message that the user will see for the first time opening the chat (and if not for the first time - then if the user opens the chat in a private window, or in another browser, or after deleting cookies).

Three optional Sajests fields allow advance to bring up to three frequently asked questions, to make life easier for users - now it is possible they are not printed by hand, and simply click on one of the buttons are examples of how these sadzhesty user sees, and what happens if he clicks on one of them:.

The user sees the sajest

User clicked on Sugest

With the latest g uppoy fields should be all clear, but it is important to note the hours of operation (ie, when the operator is responsible to users) in the " Working Time ":

Working time

The time off button "Online consultant "will not be displayed on the Yandex search results page. Chat will still be available to users in Alice’s skills catalog and on the company’s website, but negative statistics (" do not respond to users ") will not be conducted by Yandex

after hours. Now, when all this is configured - click the “ Save ” button , and then - “ To moderation .” Moderation takes three days.

Customization of appearance and placement on the site

After successfully passing the moderation, go to the " Widget " tab , where we configure the appearance of the chat widget for the site (the result of these settings can be seen on the same page at the bottom right), and then copy the widget code to paste it into the site markup (as usual - to head or body elements ).

Chat appearance customization


The conclusions will be comforting - everything works. However, there are also disadvantages, probably related to the young age of the platform. Here are the most important ones:

  1. The chat operator cannot set their name and avatar.
  2. The chat operator cannot prepare sadjests for themselves (available only to users).
  3. You cannot set a message to users about non-working hours.
  4. You cannot disable the chat widget on the site after hours.
  5. There is no well-functioning alert mechanism for the operator of chat messages.

Some of these deficiencies can be fixed on their own. For example, you can install a code on a site that hides chat widgets after hours. To receive notifications of new messages, it is recommended (I contacted this issue in support) that the chat operator install the Yandex with Alice mobile application and set up an alert in the messenger. Here are the links to this application:

Yandex with Alice on the App Store
Yandex with Alice on the Play Store

If you use Bitrix24, I think that in the list of providers it is better to choose Bitrix right away - they already have everything set up with avatars, notifications and the placement of widgets on the site. I emphasize that in this case your chat will be available on Yandex search results pages and in Alice’s skills catalog. The main thing is to accurately respond to users.

That’s all I know about it. Here are links to official documentation and support:
What are chats for business
Feedback (select the “Questions and ideas about chats” button there)

And I give the curtain.

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