Moscow, April 18 - QIWI SERVER PARTY 4.0

    Thursday, April 18th, we are again gathering the QIWI SERVER PARTY mitap .

    At the meeting we will discuss in detail not only technical issues, but also talk about whether good programmers need soft skills, what mistakes we learned from training trainees, and whether the employee needs a mentor, or enough manager.

    What shall we talk about:

    • Why should a developer write autotests;
    • Metrics: how to stop being afraid and begin to understand your system;
    • Soft skills and teamwork;
    • Technical stability of the product with joint code ownership;
    • Why it is not necessary to limit yourself to the framework of one technology or programming language;
    • Mentoring and training of interns - how not to do it.

    More about the reports - under the cut.

    Anton Yuryev will talk about how to write self-tests with the maximum benefit for the project, and how the developer can write tests on his own (if there is no tester nearby or just want to) and what should be taken into account. The developer often faces a choice - either to do everything quickly, but not to conduct tests, or to cover everything with tests, but then forget about the word “quickly”. Failures of autotests and the so-called “blinking” tests prevent a person from concentrating and only annoy. The report will discuss the main mistakes in writing tests and methods that help use autotests as a useful tool in the developer's arsenal.

    Auto Test: make love not war

    • What is testable design? What should you think about when designing and writing code so you don’t suffer later when writing and supporting autotests?
    • Pyramid or ice cream? Creating an effective test suite.
    • Why did it break? Reduce the amount of mental effort required to find out the causes of reddening tests

    Pavel Chernyak (server application developer) will talk about what metrics to use to work with the code and how to correctly cover the code with these metrics if you want to achieve something more, and not just display a dashboard with numbers.

    Metrics: how to stop being afraid and begin to understand your system.

    • Let's talk about metrics and their types.
    • How to collect metrics so that they are clear to everyone.
    • No one needs metrics for the sake of metrics.

    Dmitry Roenko will touch on the topic of soft skills. Are they really as important as they are talked about, and how they can be useful to both the owner himself and the team.

    Stas Dubrov will talk about how to ensure the technical stability of the project in the conditions of joint code ownership, including active work on Agile.

    Alexander Prokopyev - about why the programming language itself should not be a determining factor in the search and training of specialists. Sasha will also talk about our experience with interns and methods for preventing professional burnout.

    The topic of training will continue Yaroslav Storozhenko , he will expand the story of the interns with a look from the mentor and describe the stages of further development of beginners.

    Mitap program

    • 18.00-19.00 - collection of guests and registration;
    • 19.00–20.00 - speeches of speakers;
    • 20.00–20.20 - smoke break;
    • 20.20–21.00 - speeches by speakers;
    • 21.00–22.00 - free communication and performance of a musical group.

    Closer to the date, the program may change slightly.

    Admission is free by registration .

    Address: Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment, d. 6s3 (Deworkacy) .

    UPD Photo report available .

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