Yandex will improve voice recognition algorithms


    A spokesman for Yandex, Vasily Ivashkin said that complaints about the quality of speech recognition have become more frequent in support of the Yandex.Taxi service.

    Both drivers and passengers complain that accented speech is very poorly recognized. There are often misunderstandings when trying to dial a destination by voice. You have to type addresses from the on-screen keyboard, or ask the passenger to dictate the destination himself.

    Among all complaints, complaints from people who do not pronounce the sounds “r” and “l” are separately distinguished. Among users of the Yandex application, there are 10 to 20 percent of them. Analysis of taxi traffic showed an unusually high intensity of movement between Malino and Maryino. For a long time, Yandex experts could not explain the reason for this phenomenon, but now, apparently, everything became clear.

    As a matter of urgency, Yandex is gaining a development team from the republics of the North Caucasus and Central Asia. A special plus to the existing skills will be the burr and other defects of diction of the applicant.

    The team will be engaged in improving speech recognition algorithms, as well as updating Alice's voice assistant. Soon, Alice will receive a new male voice and learn to understand the appeal of “daraga”.

    PS: Yandex really does not recognize burry "p"

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