Digital events in Moscow from April 1 to 7

    Weekly selection

    Abakan lions. Not for the sake of a prize, but for laughter!

    • April 01 (Monday)
    • Butcher 13c18
    • is free
    • We love advertising so much, and the lions are so beautiful and fluffy that we decided to create the festival of the same name. But the idea of ​​Cannes Lions is already taken, and the lions are still beautiful and fluffy. Therefore, we came up with a festival with our own special cases!

    AI accelerator from HSE, MTS and Rostelecom

    • April 01 (Monday) - June 30 (Sunday)
    • 50 000 p.
    • The HSE business incubator, together with the Neuronet Industrial Union, with the support of Rostelecom and MTS, launches in April opens an accelerator for projects in the field of artificial intelligence - AI Startup Accelerator. You can apply until March 31, 2019 inclusive.
      Startups are invited to participate in the three-month program, creating products in the field of AI or using artificial intelligence or machine learning technology in their project.
      Why participate?
      Projects will be able to launch a pilot with a corporation, become a partner or attract investments from strategic or venture investors; will be able to take advantage of the resources of partner companies, including expert ones, to receive consulting support from the best market specialists.

    How SaaS startups reduce customer churn and set up B2B sales in the global market

    • April 02 (Tuesday)
    • Butcher 13st18
    • is free
    • The founders of SaaS-startups UseDesk and JivoSite will share their experience in developing B2B business in the Russian and international markets on April 2 in the IIDF at a meeting of the Founders talk format. Using the examples of their own IT companies, they will tell you how to reduce the outflow of customers, as well as how the control of the main metrics helps motivate sales departments around the world and predict the growth of the customer base.

    TestCon Moscow 2019

    • April 02 (Tuesday) - April 04 (Thursday)
    • Bersenevskaya nab 6st3
    • from 20 000 p.
    • TestCon Moscow 2019 is one of the leading events, primarily intended for a meeting of specialists in testing and analysis of software testing results, quality engineers, developers and everyone who wants to learn the best working practices and contribute to the development of a smooth development and maintenance cycle software quality. The conference is an excellent platform for getting acquainted with the latest industry trends, exchanging experience and gaining profitable collaboration opportunities.

    The New Retail: the latest technology for retail from startups from the USA, Israel, UK

    • April 03 (Wednesday)
    • Novoslobodskaya 16
    • is free
    • Shops without cash desks, AI-driven storefronts, face recognition for personalizing offers, merchandising robots - they will talk about how it all works in stores today at the Sistema_VC venture fund The New Retail conference.

    HR startup competition

    • April 03 (Wednesday)
    • Big Bul 42k1
    • is free
    • This is an opportunity for teams to present their projects to professional investors and successful entrepreneurs, as well as to tell a wide audience about them.

    Data environment "Interactive data mining"

    • April 03 (Wednesday)
    • Prechistenskaya nab 11
    • is free
    • On April 3, 2019, we invite you to the data environment from the Big Data in Economics cycle, which is jointly organized by ANO Infoculture, the Association of Data Market Participants and the RANEPA. The topic of the first meeting of the cycle is “Interactive data mining”.

    What the ideal marketer looks like in today's world

    • April 04 (Thursday)
    • is free
    • An open lecture precedes the charity course on Growth Marketing, which will be held in May, with the participation of Growth specialists from well-known Russian and American companies and startups (Yandex, Ozon, Qlean, Scentbird, SendPulse, etc.). All funds raised from the course will go to support the Greenpeace Russia Foundation.

    Online Analytics Conference

    • April 04 (Thursday)
    • Lenin Sloboda 26st11
    • from 18 900 p.
    • The conference will be interesting for executives, marketers, development directors, analysts, digital specialists - everyone who wants to learn how to make data-based decisions using online analytics and make the business more efficient and profitable.

    Product talks

    • April 04 (Thursday)
    • Leningradsky pr 39st79
    • is free
    • Product management specialists, and not only in the TED format, will tell about their experience, share various thoughts and secrets.

    Measure Camp Moscow

    • April 06 (Saturday)
    • Tolstoy 16
    • is free
    • On April 6, the Yandex’s Moscow office will host Russia's first MeasureCamp anti-conference, an informal meeting of digital analytics and marketing experts that regularly takes place in Europe, Hong Kong and Australia. “Anti-Conference” is an event without a pre-formed program and a clear division into speakers and listeners: topics of speeches and speakers are determined on the spot. The only condition is that the audience must support the stated topic. There is no breakdown into thematic streams - but so that everyone can find an interesting discussion for themselves, seven rooms will be allocated for MeasureCamp at once.

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