Nauchpop at the minimum: optical illusions

    Has it ever happened to you that you read the headline of a scientific news and it becomes strange to you? For example, " scientists have found another seal with eel in the nose ." What? Or this: "The optical illusion of movement caused the brain to freeze. "

    To understand such news at the “easy” level we do “ PhysTech.Science. At the minimum ”.

    Returning to the news: Chinese scientists have shown that when examining the optical illusion of Pinna-Brelstaff, there is a 15-millisecond delay in the work of the departments of the brain that are responsible for the perception of movement. They demonstrated this through an experiment on macaques, in the brain of which electrodes were implanted.

    Why do static circles move? What if you become a victim of optical illusion? How to see reality in reality?

    Warning: a portion of surrealism awaits you.

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