Live: how to curb iOS development in large teams

    Hello! My name is Zhenya Suvorov, I am the head of the mobile architecture team in Avito. On April 4, on our YouTube channel and on social networks, we will conduct a live broadcast and discuss how to keep the product quality at a high level in iOS development even with a strong scaling of the project and team.

    Let's talk on different topics: how to understand that your project has grown, and you need to change approaches to development, what difficulties arise, how to organize teamwork, let's touch on architecture and code base, compare development metrics in small and large projects, and then libraries. frameworks, languages ​​- deeper and more interesting. We don’t know where the conversation will lead. The discussion will be attended by experts from Yandex, Sberbank, HeadHunter, OK.RU and Avito.

    Under the cutter are sample topics that we plan to discuss (and we suggest you add this list), as well as passwords and appearances for those who want to join the broadcast. Bookmark the post: after the meeting, update it and upload the video.


    Evgeny Suvorov, Avito, Head of Mobile Architecture Development

    The head of the mobile architecture team, which is responsible for the technical quality of the product, the development and support of internal development tools. Developed for iOS since 2011, and in 2014 became the first mobile developer in Avito.

    Denis Ivanov, OK.RU, Head of iOS Development Team

    12 years in mobile development, including nine of them under iOS. Six years ago, he began working at Odnoklassniki, and for the last four years he has been working there as a team lead for a client.

    Dmitry Arbuzov, HeadHunter, Head of iOS Development

    In the past, Systems Engineer Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Head of Service Center. For seven years he has been managing engineering teams, and iOS has been developing the last five years.

    Nikolay Likhogrud, Yandex.Maps, head of the iOS development team

    He graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of Moscow State University in 2012. In 2014, together with the Any Void team, he moved to Yandex Geoservices, since 2016 - a team leader for mobile Yandex.Maps for iOS.

    Leader and moderator of the discussion

    Alexander Sychev, Sberbank, Head of iOS Development

    He has been engaged in mobile development for almost eight years, of which three years as a leader in such companies as PoloniumArts, RAMBLER & Co, Sberbank. He participated in the creation of the Sberbank Online, Championship, Rambler / Mail, and Poster applications. The area of ​​responsibility includes both development and management of people and the team.

    Sample discussion questions

    Working with a team
    How to understand that your project has grown and you need to change approaches to development. How stagnant technologies are from the scale of the team. How to solve the problem of independence. Code ownership. How is work with the technical debt organized and how to reduce it. Conflict resolution of goals and team. CodeStyle. Sharing technical knowledge. Expectations from engineers in iOS development

    Architecture and code base
    Number of lines of code. Version control. Dependency manager. Modularization. How to track progress.

    Libraries, frameworks, languages
    Shared and self-written libraries. Fichetogly, analytics systems. Code Generation. Centry expertise. Reusing a large piece of code between applications. Product analytics. Cross-platform. Work with internal core libraries.

    Development metrics
    How much time is spent on the merge request pool. Code review system. Build time - whether to measure it. Device analytics technical problems. Why do we need measurements on the machines of developers. Number of dependencies and features of build systems. How much time a developer takes to develop in large teams. How to measure it and how to reduce it.

    Where and when to watch

    The discussion will take place on April 4, next Thursday, and will begin at 17:30 Moscow time. See where it’s convenient for you: on the AvitoTech YouTube channel , on VK or on Facebook . If you have questions about iOS development in large teams, ask in the comments. We will try to answer them during the discussion.

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