FPGA mitap in St. Petersburg

    Update. Video presentations posted on YouTube:
    1) about fast boards with FPGA
    2) about 10G on Cyclone 10 GX

    For more than 15 years we have been developing devices on FPGA and transferring complex and different algorithms to FPGA, and we could not find platforms for off-line communication in Russia . Therefore, we decided that we should develop the direction on our own: for the beginning, we will organize a meeting in St. Petersburg in a “metap” format for FPGA developers and those interested in this topic.

    We are going for informal communication on January 29 at 19:00. The event is called “FPGA Tales”. There will be a couple of reports about what was encountered in 2018 in the development process, talk on near-FPGA's topics and coffee-buns-pizza.

    Details on the link (same address and registration).

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