Robotics for children: robot eyes


    Hi people! I present to you the prototype of cat's eyes developed by me. Of course, the project is not yet ideal (it is being finalized), but it works successfully.

    The idea was to create a robot cat for children from plywood and radio components. The project from the Internet was taken as the basic model of the robot .


    Based on the video I watched with the robot cat, I began to draw details of my future robot in corel. The original Internet was small in size, and the movements were driven by SG90 servos. In my development, I used the DSS-M15S servos. since the size of my cat model is significantly larger. But now I want to tell not about the model of the robot, but about his eyes. I developed them myself, from scratch, especially for this project.

    In my development, the eyes open according to the principle of the diaphragm, and they are made of plywood.

    And in order for the energy of life to shine in the eyes of the robot, I used the ultra-bright red LEDs, they remained with me from the previous aquaponics project.

    The mechanism that allows you to open and close the diaphragm of the eye, I implemented on a servo SG90. All that I have, you can watch the video.

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