Bill on digital profiles of Russians published

    The Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media has published a bill on the digital profiles of Russians .

    According to the text, the digital profile is “a collection of information about citizens and legal entities contained in the information systems of state bodies and organizations that exercise separate public powers in accordance with federal laws, as well as in a unified system of identification and authentication”.

    The document introduces the concept of an identifier - “a unique designation of information about a person necessary to identify such a person by applying technical and (or) technological methods”.

    The concepts of identification, face authentication and “digital profile infrastructure” are also introduced. It is indicated that in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the citizen’s consent to receive information about them using the digital profile infrastructure is not required .

    Information about citizens and legal entities stored in the infrastructure of the digital profile is provided to it and updated automatically by government bodies, organizations that exercise separate public powers in accordance with federal laws, through a single system of interagency electronic interaction.

    The digital profile infrastructure provides the following functions:

    1. Identification and authentication of individuals and legal entities.
    2. Access to the digital profile and provision of information included in the digital profile in electronic form to individuals and legal entities.
    3. Providing and updating, at the request of state bodies, local self-government bodies, organizations that exercise separate public powers in accordance with federal laws, and other organizations, information about an individual or legal entity contained in a digital profile, including information contained in state information systems, information systems organizations that exercise separate public powers in accordance with federal laws.
    4. Obtaining and revoking consent to the processing of personal data of citizens and information about legal entities in cases involving the receipt of information about a citizen or legal entity using the digital profile infrastructure.
    5. Providing information for the formation of requests for state and municipal services or the performance of state and municipal functions.
    6. Storage of information about citizens and legal entities, including the results of the provision of state and municipal services in electronic form, in the manner established by the government of the Russian Federation.

    State bodies, organizations that exercise separate public powers in accordance with federal laws are required to provide the digital profile infrastructure and update this information on an ongoing basis within a period not exceeding 15 seconds from the moment of amending the relevant information.

    Requests of organizations to obtain information about citizens and legal entities using the infrastructure of a digital profile are carried out both free of charge and on a reimbursable basis. The cases, the size and the procedure for making payments for sending the relevant requests are entitled to be established by the government.

    A person who confirms the correctness of the identifier or previously carried out identification and authentication of a person can only be:

    • credit organizations, mobile radiotelephone communication operators, telecom operators occupying a significant position in the public telecommunication network, which are entitled to independently provide telecommunication services for data transmission;
    • operators of state information systems;
    • other organizations established by the government.

    The bill also amends the federal law on personal data. It is supplemented by a paragraph as follows:

    “5.1 When processing personal data using the digital profile infrastructure, if the consent of the personal data subject to the processing of personal data is required, the personal data subject agrees to their processing in the digital profile infrastructure in the form of an electronic document signed by an enhanced qualified electronic signature or a simple electronic signature, the key of which was received upon personal appearance in accordance with the rules for using a simple electronic signature when applying for state shock and municipal services in electronic form established by the Government of the Russian Federation. Revocation of such consent is carried out by the subject of personal data in the infrastructure of the digital profile. ”

    A few changes with the mention of electronic identifiers are also introduced in the laws “On Communications” and “On the Basics of Protecting Citizens' Health in the Russian Federation”.

    A month ago, the government announced that by 2021, Russians will be able to use the digital provision of socially significant public services. A digital profile platform will be created by 2023.

    It is likely that by this time a platform for electronic voting in the presidential and parliamentary elections will also be developed, which will increase the voter turnout. Estonian experience has shown that voting via the Internet increases the activity of young voters.

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