Compare yandex and mail: student experience


Now I am going through an interview at Tarantool in and the day before there was a conversation with a friend about this.

He supported my zeal and wished success, but noted that it would be much more interesting and more promising to work at Yandex. When I asked why, a friend told me about the general impression he had in the process of interacting with the products of these companies.

It is worth mentioning that we are both students of MSTU named after N. E. Bauman, third-year students who do not conduct an in-depth analysis of serious issues, but simply exchange opinions.

So, my friend noticed that on the one hand we have a nice looking Yandex, with a flexible search and a bunch of useful products that the company is developing, like Taxi, Drive and the like, and that it also uses the convenient Yandex.Browser, which, although written on Chromium, has a ton of useful chips on top. And then Mile. Ugly mail, few opportunities, there is no such abundance of projects as Yandex and, of course, the Amigo browser with Agent, which are installed on your PC with any pirated software from the Internet (here he obviously forgot about Yandex.Bar).

What happened next

It was difficult to argue with his arguments, but I fundamentally disagreed with the conclusions made by my friend. Then we decided to seriously discuss the pros and cons, based primarily on personal experience.

I began by saying that if Mail does not use the company name in the name of its units, as Yandex does (Yandex.Food, Yandex.Taxi, etc.), this does not mean at all that they do not have similar projects (Delivery Club, CityMobile, etc.). Moreover, I noticed that the latter, even comparing with Yandex, has even more large projects, which are connected with Michael only by location. Among them are social networks, such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and My World.

The key moment in our dispute was educational programscompanies. This did not apply to online courses, we only discussed face-to-face classes.

Yandex's calling card is the School of Data Analysis. There, students and graduates of engineering universities are trained in four areas - Data Science, BigData, Machine Learning and Data Analysis in Applied Sciences (whatever that means). And the backbone of the educational program of Mile is formed by Technological projects - semester and two-year courses that educate students on the basis of the leading technical universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg - MSTU , MIPT , MEPhI , Moscow State University and St. Petersburg Polytechnic . Both of them, I think, do not need to be introduced.



The range of Michael’s specialties is much wider than in Yandex, but in terms of training, we decided to leave Mail and Yandex at the same level.

Educational programs are free and available after passing the entrance examinations. Why are companies doing this? To popularize the it-sphere in the Russian Federation, perhaps. But, for sure, one of the main goals is to recruit interns.

Compare offices

Maybe my natural interest played, or maybe there was simply nothing to do, but I visited the offices of both companies more than once.

First I got to, which is located at the metro Airport. There they were just talking about the educational program, guided tours. I will not go into details. And Yandex was at open lectures on working with data in the company. There was also a job fair for students and graduates who wanted to try their hand at IT.

And what will I say? Both there and there the information was presented in an accessible and interesting way, but in Yandex, nevertheless, the speakers did a little better. For the rest I prefer Why? To begin with, excursions to the offices in Mail were given to us by people who have been at the company for several years, have held high positions and in the process answered many questions that interested me then. The girls who talked with us on Yandex were only pleasant and nice, but their work ended up taking us from point A to point B, it was difficult to find out something about the company from them. Here, I think, Mail approached more responsibly. Well, the latter himself liked the office more, in a grand way everything was done, cordially and more majestic, although it is completely a matter of taste. Pleased with a fresh bar with fruits and orange juice for visitors, cookies and coffee makers. While in Yandex, although it was possible to drink hot tea with biscuits, the service was clearly inferior to Michael. A trifle, but nice.



What is the result

Surprisingly, after an hour of reasoning, everyone remained with his own, and I could not convince a friend. Although another friend of mine, with whom we visited both Yandex and, also reacted with great warmth to the latter. But, to each his own.

And what do you think?

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