Electronic Arts will deal with 350 employees and “reduce its presence” in Russia

    From a statement by Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts:

    “Today we have taken several important steps to overcome the challenges facing us as a company as a whole, and to prepare for the disclosure of the opportunities ahead.

    Looking back at the changeable world around, the need to change with it becomes obvious. Now we are busy making thoughtful moves that improve the fulfillment of our obligations, improve our organization and allow us to better meet the needs of players. In particular, we have made changes to our marketing and publishing structures, operational groups, and we are reducing our presence in Japan and Russia and will focus on other ways to serve players in these markets. In addition to organizational changes, we intend to improve the quality of our games and services. Great games will continue to be a central part of everything we do, and we have new ideas on how to surprise and inspire our players.

    It was a difficult day. Today's changes will affect 350 people from the entire company, numbering 9,000 people. These decisions are not only important, but also very complex, it was not easy for us to make them. At EA, we are all friends and colleagues, we value and recognize the contribution of everyone, and we will do our best to take care of our comrades and help them in this difficult moment when they have to look for a new job. This is our top priority. ”

    In a conversation with representatives of the DTF portal (an article was published on behalf of Vadim Elistratov), ​​EA employees said that the Moscow office would be closed, but some of the employees would go to a more general unit responsible for the expanded Eastern European region and developing markets. As for the players themselves, the level of support and localization should not decline.

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