High Performance Solar Modules Update from REC and Trina (Solar)

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The REC Group has begun production of the N-Peak Black series of household solar modules with power up to 325 watts. At the same time, Trina Solar launched four new modules in its Tallmax, Duomax, Duomax Twin and Honey series - some of which reach 415 watts.

The standard argument of skeptics about lowering solar energy prices now is that pretty soon the modules will no longer get cheaper because resources (aluminum, copper, plastic, and silicon) will slow down this process.

Although this argument does indeed make some sense in absolute dollar terms, skeptics overlook the main detail. We do not evaluate our industry in commodity prices, we evaluate it in units of electricity generation per solar module. And the price per watt, based on increased efficiency, to some extent varies regardless of the price of the goods. Thus, prices for “solar” electricity can continue to fall, as generation increases and resources are used more efficiently. Which means the battle is not over yet.

And to emphasize this, REC Group and Trina Solar have released new solar modules.

REC : N-Peak Black

REC Group N-Peak Black Series solar modules now reach 325 watts. Solar modules based on n-type photocells are aimed at consumers who value the aesthetic side *: black frame, black substrate and, of course, black single-crystal solar cells.

All modules of the N-Peak series use half photocells and a double contact box [in fact, even a triple one: three locking diodes, which contribute to efficient operation during partial shading, but there are two current-conducting cables - approx. translator] .

Solar modules are produced at a full-cycle plant in Singapore ( read more about production here ). First deliveries are scheduled for April.

Trina Solar : TALLMAX, DUOMAX and Honey black

When introducing new products, Trina Solar focused on 72-cell solar modules, updating four of its series:

- TALLMAX - a highly efficient series of modules;
- DUOMAX - solar modules using glass as the backing
- DUOMAX Twin - solar modules of the DUOMAX series, but using double-sided solar cells
- Honey black M - “aesthetic” series with black photocells, black half-legs and black frames *

The company offers a wide selection of solar modules for various applications.

Trina Solar says that solar modules with an output power of 415W (which is more than the company's previous records of 370W) are already leaving the conveyor lines, but they do not say how it was possible to make such an increase in productivity. Probably due to the double-sided modules, since there are no “clean” 415-watt modules on the company’s website [for example, it is stated that DUOMAX twin DEG14C.07 (II) modules can produce up to 456W, but this, probably, is absolutely ideal reflection conditions - approx. translator] .

At the same time, in a press release, the company announced excellent performance indicators for these modules:
An increase in module output power from 370W to 415W will help reduce costs in the system cost balance ( BOS ) by 4.5% to 8.5% and lower the normalized cost of electricity ( LCoE ) by 2.5% to 4.6%.
The company uses a multi-busbar design (MBB) design, double glass and half double-sided solar cells [strange, very similar to the description of the N-Peak series from REC Group, on the Trina Solar website did not find a description of such modules - approx . translator]

From translator
from the translator: * - regarding the aesthetic side, I personally prefer the Energyra solar modules

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