Disks roll and roll

    By the spring of 1987, the optical revolution had become a reality. Laser technology allowed tenfold to furnish the nearest competitor - Winchester (they wrote so, with a capital letter). The then activators of minds Optimem and Verbatim prepared prototypes of rewritable optical drives, and experts and analysts made promising plans. One of the world pillars of the scientific science, still alive and well, Popular Science in the article "Erasable optical disks" did not leave a chance of magnetic recording. The publication culminated in a forecast by Professor Bill Meiklejon, by the time a former employee of General Electric, who had devoted 35 years to the study of magnetism. In his opinion, devices with magnetic recording had ten years to live, no more.

    1987: Bill Maicelgeon's Forecast portends a quick demise for magnetic recording drives

    Verbatim is today engaged in LED lighting and 3D printing raw materials. Many commentators are no longer on the list of living. And the HDD market is healthy, and the demand for storage is breaking records. The total capacity of hard disk drives shipped last year exceeded 800 exabytes, which is three times more than the famous Notre Dame de Paris .

    And yet the magnetic disks are leaving. All data leaves and leaves home. Sparing neither a photo from the sea, nor a science fiction library. Where they go is unknown. They will be somewhere high in the mountains and not in our area. In the clouds, to be exact.

    Retail no longer needs HDD marketing in the user market. Even Western Digital, instead of the flagship brand WD Gold, now sells what has always been under the label - Ultrastar , a reliable and high-quality thing. Server device

    By the way, it is thanks to the infusion of fresh blood HGST server segment WD demonstrates vitality and enviable progress . After all, housewives now wear SSDs. However, solid-state development and WD, and Seagate safely "slammed". Then I had to go around, bargain in the market, so that I could stay on it. Seagate took SandForce controllers, Western took the whole crop by buying SanDisk.

    Now for the SSD is working a marketing wave. But naive brands of the past, exploiting the predatory nature of the water element (Barracuda at Seagate, even earlier Pirahna at WD), will only be stuffed animals in the museum of the technical revolution.

    But what about the HDD? Soon we will forget about them, how we forgot about the magnetic tape? Whatever the case: survived the announcements of 100TB drives, we will survive and tile recording. At home, this is no longer necessary.

    UPD Sunset era: hard drive sales have collapsed catastrophically around the world .

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