In Russia will create a "digital railway"

    The other day, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev approved a six-year digitalization program for Russian Railways. Among other items of the plan, the project “digital railway” is included in it.

    Unfortunately, the document does not indicate the amounts to be invested in the “digital” part of the modernization of Russian Railways. But the total amount of investments from private investors that are planned to be attracted for the period from 2019 to 2025 is 4 trillion rubles. The volume of state support is about 200 billion rubles, as reported by Cnews.

    About 132 billion rubles are allotted to the corporate informatization program of the transportation process only from 2019 to 2025. For the creation of a unified intellectual system of control and automation of production processes in railway transport for the same period, 3.5 billion rubles are allocated. Well, about 78 billion rubles will be invested in six years to upgrade communication equipment and devices.

    The “Digital Railway” began to be developed after the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 7 last year “On the national goals and strategic objectives of the development of the Russian Federation for the period until 2024”.

    In the paragraph “Digitalization and Information Technologies” it is noted that the list of key areas for the development of Russian Railways information systems will include the formation of a single information space for freight transportation and logistics, plus the same space for the passenger complex - to increase profitability.

    A digital transportation management and monitoring platform will provide tracking of the location and condition of goods, including a door-to-door cargo transportation service. So, it is planned to provide a “legally significant exchange” of electronic documents with transportation participants and end-to-end use of digital transport data.

    Digital passenger transportation management tools that are being created include multimodality, door-to-door travel planning and support, personalized passenger services, electronic fare payment services, a flexible tariff menu and a loyalty program.

    Digital Railway will provide an opportunity to form end-to-end digital technologies of the transportation process in order to increase the efficiency of transportation and infrastructure. It is also assumed that in the next six years a unified integrated automated system for managing a state corporation will be created, corporate management systems will be optimized, and foreign business analysis and reporting will be developed.

    An intelligent traffic control system will be formed, which will provide access to relevant transport and infrastructure data, modeling of construction, operation and repair processes with reference to time and budgeting.

    The project will integrate the Internet of things, big data processing, distributed registry, digital modeling and artificial intelligence systems. It is planned to create a new generation of mobile workplaces, plus the introduction of electronic document management.

    Accordingly, the developers modify the computing and telecommunications infrastructure of Russian Railways to ensure a guaranteed level of accessibility to information services.

    Now in Russia, the Digital Economy program is being implemented,for the implementation of which it is planned to spend 1.8 trillion rubles in the next five years. More than 1 trillion - federal budget funds. Earlier it was reported that the section “Information Infrastructure” could become the most expensive program of the national project “Digital Economy”. More than 413.4 billion rubles will be allocated for this section. Another approximately 282 billion rubles. spend on digital technology, 226.4 billion rubles - on digital public administration, 139 billion rubles. - for personnel for the digital economy and 18 billion rubles for information security.

    Of the announced amount, 820 billion rubles were found that will be used to carry out informatization programs of state bodies. The funds will go towards organizing jobs for employees of various ministries and departments, developing their own IT systems and supporting GIS.

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