The first WIAD in Moscow: how it went and what they talked about

    World Information Architecture Day has traditionally bypassed Moscow - but we decided to fix it. How did it happen, who came, what was told about - in the report from the mitap on information architecture in OZON.


    Organizational matters

    Sergey Petrov, organizer of WIAD Moscow, UX / UI designer:
    - When I first came across this discipline, I realized: most of what I did as a designer and designer, analyst and project manager was either IA, or it just required IA methods. From that moment on, I consider myself an active adherent of this approach. Therefore, when I found out that since 2012 WIAD has been held, and that it has never been in Moscow, it became obvious - now it will be. In the “lesson ahead of class” mode, I applied for the WIAD 2019 Moscow and got approval.

    They decided to spend the first day of information architecture modestly - in a metapa format. They called two guests and prepared two reports themselves.


    As promised, we all recorded.

    “What is information architecture”, Lara Simonova, information architect at Christie's auction house, co-founder of Channelkit

    What to listen about:
    - The term and problem of definition
    - Common definitions
    - Common key points
    - World parameters
    - Another definition of information architecture
    - Application contexts
    - Digital product example: creation process
    - IA practices within the processes
    - Basic IA questions
    - History of the area


    “Information architecture of the project”, Pavel Aksyonov, head of the OZON project office

    What to listen about:
    - Stages of working with information on a project
    - Roles and their responsibility
    - Artifacts at different stages of work on projects
    - Information necessary for project success


    “Information architecture in documentation”, Maria Smirnova, Head of Technical Writers at OZON

    What to listen about:
    - What is documentation
    - Information architecture
    - Audience
    - Structure
    - Words


    “Information architecture of the Movista service”, Sergey Podshivalin and Sergey Tarabrin, Movista

    What to listen about
    - The scheme of the service and its competitors
    - Information architecture of Movista
    - Development and testing of prototypes
    - Insight testing
    - Plans for 2019


    What's next?

    As we expected, out of one and a half hundred registrations, the turnout was slightly less than half - at the peak in the hall there were 60-70 people, up to 80

    in total. For those who are not afraid of large forms, there is a three-hour video

    And, of course, a photo report .

    Since this was our first information-architectural mitap, we especially persistently collected and carefully analyzed the answers to questions from this Google form (you will have time to answer too). So we found out that the topic is interesting, but so far not entirely clear. But this is always the case with relatively new disciplines - people want clarity and order in their products and processes, and this architecture and clarity creates an information architecture.

    Therefore, a little useful about WIAD and the global IA community:
    -Telegram channel and chat Moscow WIAD
    - WIAD website
    - Information Architecture Institute
    - The Understanding Group
    - Photos from the event

    - Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond 4th Edition (Polar Bear Book)
    - Synopsis of this book from annakanunikova (starting with this post )
    - How to Make Sense of Any Mess: Information Architecture for Everybody by Abby Covert
    - This same book online
    - Understanding Context by Andrew Hinton
    -Intertwingled: Information Changes Everything by Peter Morville

    Thanks to skoooorik for helping me prepare this material.
    I will be happy to receive questions, wishes and comments in our chat or directly to me in Telegram .

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