March 29, Moscow - Backend Stories 3.0

    Next week, in addition to a mitap for JavaScript enthusiasts, we will hold a mitap for backend developers.

    The place is the same, Corporate Innovations Hub, we will again have 3 speakers, burgers and prizes for the most interesting questions. As usual, mitap is free + on the day of the event we will post the broadcast.

    Let's talk about Selenium WebDriver and its benefits, touch on the topic of ElasticSearch, and, of course, discuss the microservice architecture.

    The main thing is to register in advance.

    Selenium WebDriver at the service of the developer // Dmitry Kostichev

    There is: the task of integration on a third-party Internet resource.
    No: no time to sort things out normally.
    Solution: Selenium.

    Dmitry will tell how to automate the work in the browser, without leaving his service, using the example of his own project.

    ElasticSearch potion 101 // Nikita Guchakov

    Dragged Elastic into production, but is everything still slow? Are you afraid to make an extra request because the cluster falls for several hours? Not sure how to decompose the data? Are your drives full?

    Nikita will make a checklist useful for beginners, and also tell you how to reduce the mortality of your elastic.

    We draw architecture from scratch // Alexander Kovalev

    Sasha, using the example of his startup Mango Techsurance, will tell you how and why they chose the current stack for the project, as well as show typical queries when building a microservice architecture in modern conditions.

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    Registration page .
    When: March 29 (Friday) at 19.00.
    Where: Corporate Innovations Hub ( Bolshaya Polyanka St., 2/10, p. 1 )

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