Digital events in Moscow from March 18 to March 24

    Weekly selection


    PyData Moscow # 6

    • March 18 (Monday)
    • Kutuzovsky Prospect 32k1
    • is free
    • PyData is the collective name for conferences, meetings, workshops on the storage, visualization, processing and analysis of data using the Python programming language. PyData Moscow are regular free meetups that have been held since 2017.

    Investment School is a full-time course from IIDF experts for entrepreneurs, business angels and investors.

    • March 18 (Monday)
    • Butcher 13s18
    • 109 000 p.
    • You will learn:
      • analyze the growth points of portfolio companies and evaluate their value;
      • choose earning strategies in the venture capital market;
      • analyze the main risks;
      • structure venture capital transactions, make money on them and work with project teams.

    Smart Sustainable City Hackathon

    • March 19 (Tuesday) - March 21 (Thursday)
    • MalKonyushkovsky lane 2
    • is free
    • Hackathon Smart City aims to find new innovative solutions in the field of smart cities based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. We invite developers to participate in creating prototype solutions in 5 thematic tracks: energy; transport; healthcare retail; industry 4.0

    How Machine Learning Helps Astrophysicists Explore the Universe

    • March 21 (Thursday)
    • Mira pr 111
    • is free
    • In recent decades, the volume of astrophysical data has grown exponentially, sharply outstripping the growth in the number of astrophysicists. In order to cope with such a stream of information, more and more new methods of data processing are involved: modern statistics, real-time data filtering, attracting volunteers and, finally, machine learning methods.

    Free Startup Advice

    • March 21 (Thursday)
    • Vyatka 27st42
    • is free
    • On March 21, experts at the HSE Business Incubator will conduct individual consultations with the founders of early-stage startups (prior to scaling). We will help you to understand the current problems of the project and ask the most important questions.

    I am the marketing director

    • March 21 (Thursday) - March 22 (Friday)
    • Cosmodamian Embankment 52/7
    • from 25 000 p.
    • The only conference on the market is a meeting place for marketing directors.

    Moscow meeting of game developers from Gamedev.House!

    • March 21 (Thursday)
    • Pyatnitsky per 2
    • is free
    • This evening we will talk about project management in game dev. Tips, experienced experience, small and big tricks, how to keep the focus on development and the team in good shape for indie and more.

    SmartMail Conf: Machine Learning

    • March 23 (Saturday)
    • Leningradsky pr 39/79
    • is free
    • The conference program includes technical reports by the development team and a network session. At the meeting, we will discuss developments in the field of natural language processing, computer vision and training models for working with spam.

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