Competition "I am an Intel Studio Expert" with super prizes for developers

    Once or twice a year, our blog organizes the “Ask an Intel Expert” campaign - we prepare articles in which Intel developers answer the questions of the Habrazhitel regarding the company's development and technology (say, last year we talked about unmanned vehicles and Deep Learning ). But in 2019, we decided to surpass ourselves and invite the readers of the blog to become experts on one of Intel's most famous software products. In fact, we know for sure that many of you constantly work with Intel Parallel Studio and are well versed in it. Why not share your experiences with others?

    The winners will receive a prize: a professional license for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 with a year of technical support. Yes, the same one, for $ 1,599. Conditions - under the cut.

    So, Intel Parallel Studio , an important and useful tool that thousands of professional developers use every day. It consists of many components; here, let's say, the current list for Intel Parallel Studio XE 2019 Professional Edition - the one that you can get as a prize:

    We know that for many of you these names are not just letters, but part of everyday work. And, most likely, you already have an opinion about those components that you use most often. Why not share it with others? Tell us about your impressions, about what you like and dislike, what you would like to improve and suggest how. Tell interesting stories and unexpected cases, ask questions that you couldn’t find the answers for yourself. You can write about one Intel Parallel Studio component or several - there are no restrictions. It would be a desire.

    And yes, we understand that professionals are very busy people. It happens that there is something to say, but there is absolutely no possibility. Therefore, we offer two formats for participation in the competition.

    • Expert article . This is a full-fledged post in the Habra format on a given topic, composed by you. We offer you a platform in the form of an Intel blog; Only employees of the company can write here, so you will be virtually employed (within the site) in it, which will certainly be reflected in your profile. It will be your week of glory, or even two. Well, and, of course, such an effort is worthy of a high award - a treasured license. Everyone who wrote the article will receive it.
    • Expert commentary . This is your statement on one of the aspects of the topic: a remark about a detected flaw, a comment on some functionality, etc. ... We will summarize all the comments in one post, naturally, indicating authorship, approximately as in our question actions, we will give the best presentations 5 consolation prizes and one main. Will you write a comment - look, maybe a post can grow out of it?

    And the last one. This is the first time we are taking such an adventure , and I would like to understand in advance who is ready to participate in it. Therefore, we attach the survey here and offer to honestly sign up. Let's agree on the deadlines: the month of April is given for writing a post / comment. In the meantime, celebrate.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Would you like to participate in the contest "I am an Intel Studio Expert"?

    • 33.3% Yes, I will write a comment 1
    • 66.6% Yes, I will write article 2

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