Learning Go: A selection of video reports

    Today, Go is widely used to develop distributed and highly loaded applications. We have compiled a selection of videos for you, mainly from our mitaps, which understand the advantages and disadvantages of the language, and talk about the features of its use on examples of real projects.

    List of videos:

    1. Go to production.
    2. Profiling Go applications.
    3. Go Broadcast Media Server.
    4. Pipeline Mail Search on Go.
    5. Sync data in Go using mysql binlog.
    6. How we started using Go in Mail.ru Answers.
    7. Pub / Sub and 1 million WebSockets.
    8. Go Programming (course).
    9. Who needs the Go language and microservices.

    Go in production

    Dmitry Shveenkov from the Mail.ru Group spoke about the push notification service of the Mail.ru Mail project, about its transfer from Python to Go and what it gave. You will learn about the difficulties of developing a service, and Dmitry will illustrate the effectiveness of Go with metrics from the production environment.

    Profiling Go Applications

    Stas Makarov from the 220 Volt company gave an introductory lecture-excursion about profiling applications on Go and related tools.

    Go Broadcast Media Server

    Mikhail Raichenko from VKontakte talked about why Go was chosen for the development of a media service, how it was created, tells about its advantages and disadvantages and about integration into the social network infrastructure.

    Pipeline Mail Search on Go

    Victor Starodub from Mail.ru Mail tells how Go made life easier when writing a search engine for an email service.

    Go data synchronization with mysql binlog

    Artyom Zheltak from Rambler told how the Rambler project worked. The stream solved the problem of synchronizing data between daemons and the main system.

    How we started using Go in Mail.ru Replies

    Mark Belotsky talked about how the Mail.ru Answers team transferred functionality from Perl to Go, about the difficulties, about the advantages of the new version over the old one.

    Pub / Sub and 1 Million WebSockets

    Sergey Kamardin talked about how Go managed to implement such a large number of persistent connections, providing safe restrictions on painless server restarts, fallbacks in case of unforeseen problems, and much more.

    Go Programming

    A cycle of nine lectures of the same name training course of the Technostream project. The course is not for beginners in programming, but for those who already have experience writing programs in other languages.

    Who needs Go language and microservices

    Interview with Vasily Romanov, a programmer from Mail.ru. Vasily teaches at the aforementioned course "Programming on Go" and specializes in solving complex product problems.

    And in conclusion - the announcement of a training course that will be taught to students of the Technosphere and Technoatom. Later it will be available on our Youtube channel Technostream .

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